Canada's Role in Liberating the Netherlands Strengthened Relations

Canada's role in the Liberation of the Netherlands enhanced the relationship between the two countries. The relationship invigorates because of Canada's role while helping the Royal Dutch family when it was needed, the way Canada freed the Netherlands from the German occupation, and the soldiers' sacrifices in theThe battle of the Rhineland, these events made an emotional relationship between Canada and the Netherlands. Firstly, the Royal Dutch family had nowhere to go once the ruthless Germans took over the Netherlands they need to be safe.

The had tried to go to Britain however because of their concerns with Princess Juliana and her children they had to move the German bombing of Britain in 1940 resulted in Juliana and her daughters, the future Queen Beatrix (born 1938) and Princess Irene (born 1939), accepting an invitation from the Governor General of Canada. Now that they had somewhere to go and Canada opened their doors for the Royal Dutch family and they had nowhere to go because going back to the Netherlands was very dangerous.

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When Princess Julina gave birth to Princess Margriet in Canada (Princess Margriet is born in Ottawa). Princess Julina gave the hospital 100,000 tulips and that is how the tulip festival started in 1953. Princess Margriet, Queen Beatrix's younger sister is a "real link between the Netherlands and Canada." The Canadians were so happy about this news when Princess Margriet was born they had made donations to the Dutch people back in the Neatherklnsds with relief supplies. Juliana told a visitor, Canadians are so nice.

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After the baby was born, we were flooded with telegrams and flowers. I was so touched by the big gifts from Canadian societies to Netherlands relief. Princess Margriet every year still comes to visit Canada and her during the tulip festival every year. The Netherlands up till this date still give tulips and take care of the tulips given to Canada because of what they did to help liberate them as a country. The tulips festival shows the Dutch peoples love and how they show their respect towards Canada. The tulips come in all different colours and are placed near the and every year when Princess Margriet comes to visit she always bring tulip bulbs to plant. The colour that the tulips are mostly are in the colour red. Red is a colour that represents love and an emotional bond. Netherland will always be grateful to Canada for what they have done for them and will always love them, therefore, the colour red. This is a tradition that will sustain it shows how sweet, kind and loving Dutch people are along with how a strong relationship was built during the second world war due to the princess Margriet's birth. Secondly, when Canadians welcomed the Dutch Royal family they had also shown their efforts in freeing dutch from the German occupations. Canada came into the part to free dutch from the Germans when they entered the city of Apeldoorn. The 1st Canadian infantry brigade was ready to make a critical strike against Apeldoorn. As the Canadians continued with their plan where the town had to be confined along with that they would enter the infantry, without having ordnance. When the Canadiana was doing their plan and neared the germans deserted the town. While different groups of Canadians were still fighting for the liberation of the town in the Netherlands against the Germans. On April 11-17, 1945 the liberation cost 1st Canadian Division 506 casualties, the town of Apeldoorn had very insufficient flawed. The town was finally liberated there were Dutch colours flying everywhere from an individual home to their business at the same there was plentiful refugee that Canadians had to take care of. The way Canadians did everything that they could with freeing the dutch from the germans occupation. Canadian made sure that the land of the Netherlands had no harm to them. This proves that Canadians had respect toward the Netherlands. When you show respect towards someone they will give you respect back to you. People who respect each other trust and support each other and value each other's independence. Canadain was there to help the Netherlands get independence from the Nazi occupation. Lastly, when helped dutch people with relief supplies. the Canadians helped the Netherlands with food supplies. In the winter, the Netherlands had hunger winter in which they forgot how food tastes how the food taste[s] because they were having a huge shortage of food. For the Dutch peopleThe hunger winter' of 1944 - 45 was one of the most terrible time for the Dutch people Canadians did not only want to liberate they also wanted to help them survive. To help them survive Canadians advanced the western Netherlands came to halt and this allowed the relief supplies to be sent out to the Dutch who were at the end of their fortitude. Before they could liberate the Netherlands, they were clearing the western part of the Netherlands there was a problem which was that they ran out of the food supplies they brought to the Netherlands. The whole country was under the Nazi occupation and what that meant was that there was no freedom, no medical care, and no food supplies. By 1945, the Netherlands was giving up, as they did not have enough food for themselves to survive and for the saviours (Canadian army). The Dutch people were suffering a lot Food supplies were exhausted, many people started eating tulip bulbs just to survive. The Canadians airdropped the relief supply to the Dutch people; to show Canada appreciation for the relief supply the Netherlands painted Thank you Canadians' on their rooftops Canadians were concerned about how would the citizens of Netherlands live in these conditions they were more distressed about the Netherlands health and their endurance. Canadians had to airdrop the relief supplies to the Netherlands because this was a tough time for both the countries because Canadians did not have enough food for their army how would they feed the Dutch. The children of the Netherlands every year tend the graves of the soldiers buried in Canada. In conclusion, the Liberation of the Netherlands had made a very warm and emotional relationship between both countries. Which is seen in the tulips that bloom every year in summer in Ottawa because Canada has shown a significant role while Liberating the Netherlands in three major ways. The birth of the Princess Margriet, the Soldiers that fought in the Battle of the Rhineland, and the relief supplies which was airdropped by the Canadians air force to the Dutch people in a time of need.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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