The Java Database Connectivity Computer Science Essay

JDBC is a Java-based information entree engineering from Sun Microsystems. . In an achievement to put an independent database criterion API for Java ; Sun Microsystems developed Java Database Connectivity, or JDBC. This engineering is an API for Java programming linguistic communication that characterizes how a user gets entree to the database. This connectivity offers assorted methods for disputing and updating the information into the users ‘ database. Aside from being easy to compose, utilizing the JDBC API, it is robust, secure, and automatically downloadable.

Besides, JDBC automatically appreciates these benefits of Java, by virtuousness of being written in Java.

JDBC is determined towards relational databases, and this span of JDBC – ODBC accredits the connexion to any other ODBC accessible informations beginning in the existent JVM host atmosphere. JDBC gives an absolute SQL database entree mechanism which in fact offers a reliable interface to several different types of Relational Database Management Systems.

JDBC concedes multiple applications to be and to be used by the same application.

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To back up this, API allows a mechanism for dynamically make fulling the dependable Java bundles, followed by registering them with the driver director of JDBC. Driver director acts as a connexion mill for developing different connexions of JDBC.

There are different sets of drivers for JDBC, which are client-side arrangers, which is already equipped on to client system, and non on the waiter. These drivers so convert the petitions from Java plans to a elaborate protocol that can be easy understood by Data-Base direction system ( DBMS ) . These drivers of JDBC are farther classified into commercial and free drivers that are easy applicable for most of the relational database waiters.

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The drivers normally fall into one among these types:

Type 1 – which calls the native codification of locally available ODBC driver.

Type 2 – Is a type that calls database seller native library on the client side, and subsequently this processed codification communicates with database over the available web.

Type 3 – This is the pure-java driver that communicates with the server-side middleware and so flows to the database.

Type 4 – the pure Java driver that uses the database native protocol.

One more type of drivers that is embedded with JRE in Java enabled SQL databases besides exists which is addressed to as Internal JDBC driver, which is used for stored processs of Java. Even though it ‘s similar to that of type 2 or type 4 types of drivers, this does non belong to any of the above categorization. In this type of Java driver, the JDBC client is really running as a portion of the database that is being accessed, so that the entree can be made straight instead than through different web protocols.

Java Data-Base Connectivity Goals

There are several ends for Java Database Connectivity. The ends which were set for JDBC are important.

We have mentioned eight design ends, they are as follows


It is chief end for JDBC. It is at really low degree for high degree tools.

SQL Conformance

If you migrate from one database seller to another database seller the SQL sentence structure alterations. JDBC allows any question to go through through it to its database driver.

JDBC must be instrumental on top of common database interfaces This end lets the JDBC to do usage of the OBDC drivers with the aid of a package interface.

Supply a Java interface that is consistent with the remainder of the Java system

The developers say that they will non travel from the current design to any other unknown design.

Keep it simple

This is a really common end in any package design. Everyone feels that the design should be simple with fewer methods to finish the undertaking.

Use strong, inactive typewriting wherever possible

Very good typewriting makes fewer mistakes at digest clip.

Keep the common instances simple

All the SQL calls made by the developers are really simple, they are ; SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT etc. The questions used has to be simple, besides complex SQL statements should be possible. Finally we decided to predate the execution utilizing Java Networking. And for dynamically updating the cache tabular array we go for MS Access database.

The scheduling linguistic communication and platform are the two chief entities of Java programming linguistic communication.

The Java is a scheduling linguistic communication which has the undermentioned characteristics like portable, object oriented, multithreaded, simple, robust, secure, distributed, architecture impersonal, dynamic, high public presentation and interpreted.

It is really unusual for Java to roll up and construe each and every Java plan. With every digest, the Java plan is translated into an intermediate linguistic communication ( Java Byte Code ) . The Intermediate linguistic communication ( Java Byte Code ) is a platform independent codification direction is transferred and run on a computing machine.


To supply the generic database entree methods, that are set of implementation-independent to the SQL ailment databases, JDBC API is used. It ‘s ever like ; JDBC outlines much of the vendor-specific inside informations and concludes most of the database entree maps by and large. This gave out an effectual consequence with set of different categories and interfaces of the Java SQL packages that could be used with any of the databases supplying JDBC through the vendor-specific JDBC driver in most consistent and dependable manner. Merely by exchanging to a new JDBC driver, users ‘ will be able to recycle an application with an wholly different database. JDBC besides enables the users ‘ to compose the applications that entree relational databases without any other idea as to which peculiar database is to be used.

This database connectivity is non merely meant for linking to databases and put to deathing statements, but besides to run into those of import demands in an enterprise-level application environment, such as optimising the web resources by using connexion pooling, and implementing the distributed minutess.

By utilizing a different set of Java interfaces, JDBC accomplishes those fit ends, wherein each interface gets implemented otherwise by assorted types of sellers. Since JDBC is employed with the Java platform, it is easy accessible everyplace Java is applicable. This makes the application of Java, running through JDBC API portable to whole batch of platforms. The codifications implied in the interfaces of JDBC bundles have a higher rate of likeliness for being portable from one seller databases to other rapidly and therefore is much user friendly. JDBC API encourages the applications of Java to be portrayed into multiple grades that separate the concern logic from that of the presentation logic ; therefore, by helping the scalability, dependability and maintainability of the application extremely.

Aside from being easy to compose, utilizing the JDBC API, it is robust, secure, and automatically downloadable. Besides, JDBC automatically appreciates these benefits of Java, by virtuousness of being written in Java.

On whole, as the context of JDBC & A ; its benefits, this besides concludes that JDBC is free from proprietary informations base codifications and programming or running of any application does n’t hold to trust merely on individual waiter. The context besides states that, database required for programming need non be decided early.


Networking is the manner of set uping the communicating that sends informations from one topographic point to another with a merger of hardware and package.

Before 1990, OSI ( unfastened systems Interconnection ) theoretical account dominated the communicating and networking literature. The OSI was non implemented to the full therefore the TCP/IP protocol became the dominant commercial architecture.

Open System is set of protocols, which communicate between two different systems irrespective of implicit in architecture.

The unfastened system interconnectedness theoretical account is non merely a protocol, but it is a theoretical account to understand and plan the web architecture which has the features like interoperable, flexible and interoperable.

Before researching on the OSI theoretical account, TCP/IP protocol suite was already developed. It is a protocol with synergistic faculties. And each of the synergistic faculties brings a specific functionality. The term hierarchal means each upper bed protocol is supported by one or lower bed protocols.

Transmission control protocol/internet protocol at conveyance bed defines protocols like:

TCP ( Transmission command Protocol )

UDP ( User Datagram Protocol )

Transmission control protocol:

TCP is a dependable connexion oriented protocol. TCP provides logic to supply the connection-oriented protocol above IP datagram. Two procedures can pass on through practical circuit which is provided by TCP.


UDP is undependable and connectionless oriented protocol. UDP is a procedure to treat Protocol that integrates port references, checksum and length information to the information from upper bed.

IP datagram ‘s

It is a undependable and connectionless with no mistake checking and trailing. It considers the misrepresentation of the implicit in beds and it will make its best go do transmittal to the finish.

IP transport the informations in packages called datagrams which are furnished by its higher beds. The IP bed provides a checksum which has its ain heading. The heading is accommodated with the beginning reference and finish reference. For dividing the big datagrams into little 1s IP beds are responsible. The splitting is done for transmittal. And even IP beds are responsible for reassembling the split datagrams. Routing is done through Internet.

Internet references

The host which uses the cyberspace services can be determined with the alone reference. The reference will be of 32 spot length of whole number type which is referred as IP reference. No two or more seeable hosts and publically addressed can hold the same IP reference on the cyberspace. Addressing and web ID is encoded by this. Based on the size of the web reference the Network ID is categorized into many categories.

Network reference

Class A: For the web reference category A uses 8 spots.

Class Bacillus: For the web reference category B uses 16 spots.

Class C: For the web address category C uses 24 spots.

Class Calciferol: For the web address category D uses 32 spots.

Subnet reference

The web is divided into sub webs. It is built on one bomber web and the addressing manner is 10-bit turn toing which allows 1024 distinguishable hosts.

Host reference

For the host address the concluding 8 spots will be used. There is a bound of 256 host machines in a bomber web.

Entire reference

The length of entire reference is 32 spot, which will be written in four whole numbers parted by points. In the IP reference ; 164.192 is the web, 11 is the subnet and 13 is the host.

Port references

The port reference is a 16 spot address. Port reference identifies the port that is present on the host. If we want to pass on any message to a waiter you have to direct it to the port.


The system handles the web connexions through a socket which is maintained as a information construction. A socket of informations construction can be create utilizing call socket, this returns an whole number like a file form. In Windowss, Read File and Write File maps will manage functionality of socket.

Socket will be created over a web between the two procedures when they communicate. T

JFree Chart

JFree chart consists the characteristics which are good documented. It is an unfastened beginning. It is a design which can be easy extended and uses server side and client side applications as good. Swinging constituents, end product types, image files and vector in writing files are supported by this.

Map Visual images:

Charts are represented by the values that can associate to geographical countries which can include

( a ) Population denseness in each province

( B ) Income per capita for each state

( degree Celsius ) Life anticipation in every state

The undertaking includes ;

Establishing the convenient dataset interface.

Geting freely new distributable vector lineations for every state.

Adding this with current XYPlot category in JFreeChart.

2. Time Series Chart Interactivity

The new characteristic interative clip series for JFreeChart is to expose a separate control that shows a little version of ALL the clip series informations. The skiding “ position ” rectangle allows you to choose the subset of the clip series informations to expose in the chief chart.

3. Splashboards

Make a flexible splashboard mechanism that supports a subset of JFreeChart, chart types ( dials, pies, thermometers, bars, and lines/time series ) that can be delivered easy via both Java Web Start and an applet. There is presently a batch of involvement in splashboard shows.

4. Property Editors

The belongings editor mechanism in JFreeChart merely handles a little subset of the belongingss that can be set for charts. A greater end-user control over the visual aspect of the charts can be provided by Widening or re-implementing mechanism.

J2ME ( Java 2 Micro edition ) :

J2ME has been defined by the Sun Microsystems as “ A extremely optimized Java run-time environment aiming a broad scope of consumer merchandises, including beepers, screen-phones, digital set-top boxes, cellular phones, and auto pilotage systems ” .

This proclamation was made on June 1999. J2ME tries to bring the cross platform functionality to a smaller device.

General J2ME architecture

The Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ) can be customized by utilizing the constellations and profiles of J2ME. It includes a constellation which identifies the Java Virtual Machine used.

The constellation characterizes the indispensable tally clip environment. The image depicts the relation between the constellations, practical machines and the profiles.

Degree centigrades: UsersVelliDesktopc5.PNG

Java 2 micro edition moves in synchronal with J2SE API and its comparative JVM. J2SE VM is associated to java practical machine. The J2ME VM is besides one of the subsets of JVM.

Developing J2ME applications

We have to see some key points while developing applications for smaller devices. The system where the compiler is involved when utilizing J2se in order to roll up the J2ME applications, deployment, analysing bundles are in this.

Design considerations for little devices

The strategical programs are required before developing applications for little devices during the design stage

Here are some design schemes:

Keep it simple, take unneeded characteristics

Smaller is better.

Minimizing the tally clip memory use. By doing usage of scalar types we can minimise the memory use.

Configurations overview

The indispensable tally clip environment is defined by the constellation. There are two constellations for J2ME.

Connected Limited Device Configuration ( CLDC ) : CLDC is used for developing little J2ME applications

Connected Device Configuration ( CDC ) : This constellation is used for 32 spot architectures which requires more than 2 Ms memory. It is used with CVM.

J2ME profile

The type which the device is traveling to back up is defined by the profile. The categories for cellular phones are defined by Mobile Information Device Profile. It integrates the sphere specific categories to the constellation to qualify the similar devices.

There are 2 profiles defined for J2ME which are built upon CLDC, They are ;



Depends on the constellation profiles are built, so that profiles are definite to the volume of the device where the application runs. Profiles are correlated with constellations.


KJava is a Sun ‘s trade grade and includes KJava API. KJava includes a Sun particular API which runs on Palm Operating system. The KJava API has many similarities with J2SE AWT. The KVM and KJava VM both accept same category file format and byte codifications similar to J2SE practical machine.


MIDP is equipped with nomadic devices like nomadic phones etc. MIDP is an industry criterion profile for nomadic devices. It is wholly supported for the development of nomadic application.

The followers are the bundles in MIDP ;






4. Undertaking DESCRIPTION

4. Undertaking DESCRIPTION

4.1 Problem Definition

Many surveies on multi-hop radio webs have been dedicated to the system stableness sing increasing the prosodies like public-service corporation or through put. The mentioned prosodies counts the public presentation of the system over a truly long clip graduated table. For applications such as picture or VoIP ( Voice over IP ) , embedded web control and for web design, prosodies like hold plays a important function. The major challenge in a radio web is hold ; the hold public presentation is a major concern in radio engineerings. Even there is same job in the wire line web every bit good this is because of the complex interactions in the web ( e.g. , routing, superposition, going, etc. ) .These issues make the survey agreeable merely in certain particular instances such as the merchandise signifier web. By common intervention heritage in radio webs the job is more intensified which in bend make hard to both the programming mechanisms and their analysis. There are few analytical techniques to calculate out utile lower edge and hold steps for the radio webs with individual hop traffic.


Using a multiple beginning finish pairs we can calculate out the multi hop radio web, provided the traffic and routing information. Every beginning infuses packages in the web, which so go across the web boulder clay it reaches the finish. See an illustration, a multi hop radio web with three flows. The externally arising reaching procedures are similar to the figure of packages infused in the system at clip. A package will be queued at every node in its way and delaies for a opportunity to be transmitted. The possibility of intervention in coincident transmittal with each other ‘s transmittal will be at that place because of the shared transmittal medium. There are activation vectors ( matchings ‘ ) that do non give rise to interference with each other and can be scheduled one after the other. We do non put any anterior regulation on the set of allowed activation vectors ( matchings ‘ ) , they can specify any conjunctional intervention theoretical account. In a K hop intervention theoretical account, the links are scheduled one after the other and are partitioned by at least a K hop. Every nexus will be holding a unit capacity, which means at most one package can be transmitted. For the mentioned illustration we have taken into consideration a 1 hop interface theoretical account. The chief ground for doing most of the constrictions in the web is the hold public presentation of the programming policy, which is chiefly restricted by the intervention. To acquire the lower bounds on the hold for a radio web with individual hop traffic we are utilizing the some sole sets.

4.3 MODULE Description

4.3.1. Wireless mesh webs ( WMNs )

The radio Mesh Network ( WMN ) is formed of gateways ( GWs ) and mesh routers ( MRs ) which are connected together by Wireless links ( For convenience show as flecked curves ) . The Access Points in the Wireless Mesh Networks will be the mesh web and the last resort to the Internet will be gateways. The sphere decision maker will be pull offing every WMN sphere and besides he serves as the sure authorization.

4.3.2. Blind Signature

The unsighted signature strategy permits the receiving system to get the signature on a message in a manner that both the message and the resulting signature base concealed to the signer. For the definition of unsighted signature strategy we associate the readers so as to take certain belongingss of unlinkabilty, unforgeability and verifiability. A belongings called restrictive belongings is integrated into the unsighted signature strategy so that the message which is signed by the transmitter will incorporate encoded information.

The really name Tells that this belongings does n’t let the user in the unsighted signature strategy to set in some history related secret information into what is being signed by the bank so that this secret can be redeemed by the bank to happen out a bogus user if he does any arch activities. The restrictive belongings is really much required to do certain the traceability in any of unsighted signature strategies.

4.3.3. Ticket Issue

Based on the misbehaviour of the misbehaving users the waiter director can keep the entree of that misconducting user by merely publishing a ticket, which so emulates the waiter trough ‘s confidence about the misbehaving users to move reasonably. By making so, web security can be good achieved and besides fairness amongst all the users. Ticket issue takes topographic point in state of affairs when the user tries to entree the web and besides when all the antecedently given tickets are used. Then the user have to give out his Idaho inside informations to the sever director so as to acquire back entree, because the sever director has to do certain the genuineness of the user.

4.3.4. Fraud Detection

If the users attempts to utilize the same ticket once more will take from the user ‘s failure to acquire the tickets from the TA when the user wants to entree back his history, this is because of the user ‘s recent misbehaviour and that makes the waiter director to censor his ticket petition.

4.3.5 Cardinal security aims

It is non indispensable to demo that our security architecture obeys the security demands for confidentiality, hallmark and informations unity that will straight take from the awarding of the standard cryptanalytic primitives, encoding and message hallmark in the system. With the hint of non-repudiation, we are the lone left 1s. The misconducting user can merely be repudiated if the user could set up discrepancy in his presentation. He knows the message, from what it is extracted by the waiter director. If the user misbehaves, the presentation he knows would be similar to the one which is extracted by the waiter director that makes certain non-repudiation.


Data Flow Diagram / Use Case Diagram / Flow Diagram

The information flow diagram is besides known as bubble chart. It is a simple graphical representation that is used to stand for the system by sing the elements like informations which we are traveling to input, procedures which performs the occupation, and end product achieved by the system.

Data Centre


Security Operation Centre

Network Operations Centre



Security Layer


Management Wan

Security Wan

Customer Wan

Storage Wan


Fire wall


4.4.1 Architecture.

Figure: 4.4.1

4.4.2 Data Flow Diagram




Position Misuse

View Blind Message


Send & A ; Receive message

Make dealing

Client 4

Client 3

Client 2

Client 1

Start Server

Figure: 4.4.2

A information flow diagram diagrammatically represents the flow of informations in the system. Data flow diagrams can to utilize to visually stand for the information processing which is called structured design. On a information flow diagram informations entities flow from the outside information beginning or from inside informations beginning to an interior informations beginning or to an outside information beginning through an internal procedure. The information flow diagram does non allow any information about the procedure timings or whether the procedure operates in analogue or in sequence. In short, informations flow diagram is a alone type of flow chart.

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