The Importance of the Activity of Reading in Todays World

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Reading will always be an important activity, no matter what the era is and arguably more important than ever today. It is a source of vital knowledge and useful guidance. Reading provides us with the necessary ideas that must be instilled in our minds such as morals, values, which include love for God and country, patriotism and camaraderie. It also provides us with a link from which we can take a peek into the lives and ideals of those who lived before us, thus opening up a portal into centuries worth of human knowledge.

We read about experiences similar to our own, which we can relate to, or to experiences that are entirely unknown to us, which makes us learn so much more. This is a timeless significance, a precious facet of the innumerable importance the act of reading imparts to humanity. Today, it is imperative to drink from the fountain of wisdom the words of yesterday have passed on to us.

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Modern minds, such as ours, are much nourished by the thoughts of the great thinkers of history. It makes us more human, for our ability to conceive a thought and to share it with others through reading and writing is a distinct human attribute.

It is very unfortunate that the members of the younger generations or even some of the older ones take the value of reading for granted. Yes, technology has made reading much more accessible but most of what is circulated and read by the people of the new generation includes celebrity gossip or other sorts of nonsense.

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Millennials take the works of authors such as Austen, Shakespeare and the other classical writers for granted. Some may read but most of the few readers there are tend to prefer reading chick lit romance novels, sometimes even inappropriate ones. The appreciation for humanistic and sophisticated literature has waned and continues to fade as the generations get younger. People of today do not think of the benefits of having a well honed mind, the sort that endless and perpetual reading can create. Reading has been minimized to be nothing more than entertainment today.

Reading literature and Googling information on the internet are both important, depending on the situation and the person/s involved. For a thorough reading on a particular subject matter, one should opt for reading works of literature, especially if one has a lot of time to spare. Reading literature is much more detailed than simply Googling for information. Searching the internet also has its advantages. If one simply needs to look for bite-sized ideas and only the general information about a specific topic, Googling is the most practical way to look. It involves only a minimal amount of time and effort. At the end of the day, it’s up to one to decided which way one should go about looking for information.

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