The Importance of Basic Legal Knowledge 

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Basic legal education can play an important role in our everyday lives. When someone takes away your right, and you would not be in a position to stop him or her from doing so. Is it not because you do not know such a person is taking away your rights, but because you do not know how to enforce and stop that person. It may be necessary in these kinds of situations to have the certain knowledge so that you might be able to stop that person from violating your right.

Without the so many different laws, rules, statutes, or guidelines, there would be conflict among our social groups. Law by definitions is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior, wherever possible. Some believe that legal education is only essential for those studying law. There are a few basic laws that everyone should be aware of. Some examples include police complaints, making sense of legal documents, rights as a renter, your rights as an employee, knowing how to deal and talk to a lawyer when needed, as well as many others.

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All laws and rights are important however, the three that I believe are the most essential, is knowing your rights as a renter, dealing with the police and authorities, and how to deal with lawyers. Knowing your rights when dealing with the police such as when refusing a search, your Miranda rights, and how to exercise your rights safely, are just a few things to note when dealing with the authorities.

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In certain legal situations such as getting a divorce or being charged with a criminal offense, it is important to have a good lawyer. Also, as a renter, it is important to read up on your state laws regarding your rights as a tenant as well as the rights of the landlord.

For example, I have not yet experienced anything or have been in a situation where I had to sign anything. However, I remember my parents signing something pertaining to their lease from their landlord. They had been living at their residence from 2006 to 2012. Beginning of 2012, the landlord promised that she would renovate the bathroom in their master bedroom but in order for her to do that, she explained that she would have to raise the rent $300 more than what it already was.

However, she failed to renovate the bathroom. From my knowledge, either my mom or dad would always mention it to her every time they went to go give her the money to for the rent. We eventually, moved out in 2014, and for that reason, my parents never took it to the courts. Although this was a verbal agreement and not a signed contract or agreement, I do believe as tenants, my parents still had certain rights. I do not know much about verbal agreements, I would have filed a complaint and took some kind of legal action. As I am getting older, I do realize there I will be in many situations where I should be aware of my rights, especially when signing something. I will take and learn from what my parents experienced. Before signing any legal document, I will do my research

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The Importance of Basic Legal Knowledge 
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