The Impact of Socio-Cultural Factors in Obesity Among Children

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The demand for attending college and advancing education is high in American society to attain qualifications for a promotion or secure better job opportunities in the US. As a result, the priorities are reversed where children get minimal chances for frequent breastfeeding thus introducing the provision of supplements. The US has varieties of industrial supplements given to children as a substitute for mother’s milk. This early introduction to foreign non-organic food causes obesity cases to increase among children in the US, Conversely, the children in UAE are less introduced to breast milk substitutes, and thus there are fewer issues of obesity among them.

The eating habit among children in the US is mainly based on fast foods these foods are mostly characterized by industrial processing and the addition of sweeteners and different flavors especially aiming to promote consumerism among children.

This has resulted in increased cases of obesity among children in the US as compared to the UAE. The social-cultural behaviors that contribute to obesity between the two nations differ in the full adoption of processed junk foods in the US while the UAE has considerable organic food availability.

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This trend is learned from adults by children as they grow and they become influenced to copy what has been practiced thus increasing the probability of spreading obesity rate among children and adults. On the contrary, there are fewer cases of obesity among UAE children which makes them have an ideal shape. Regarding body image appearance, the social culture in UAE does not perceive body shape with much concern as compared with the American culture.

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This may be attributed to their daily household activities where the everyday appearance towards other people does not matter much since they are within the family members. On the other hand, body shape is a concern among American society as mothers like remaining in good shape mainly to cope with their career official life in the corporates and other employment sectors; therefore, they are normally concerned with maintaining good configurations. Breastfeeding is associated with losing body shape among women, and it may be viewed as one of the contributing factors to the failure to comply with a provision of such rights to deserving children.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023
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