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The Great Gatsby

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Jay Gatsby has a list of ordinary character flaws, though Gatsby’s flaws are only revealed through the telling of the story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book’s plot revolves around the history of Jay Gatsby and his undying love for Daisy Fay. Did the downfall of Gatsby’s character leave him to be an innocent victim, a foolish dreamer, or a guilty imposter? The downfall of this main character was destroyed by love and money, when Gatsby and his lavish life eventually led to his demise.

The flaws of Jay Gatsby begins when he desperately tries to turn back time with his past lover Daisy, who has committed herself to her family, which auses Gatsby’s demise and disillusionment. Jay Gatsby loved Daisy with all his heart and she was his life. In all facts and matter, Gatsby was two characters in one;

Jay Gatsby was a foolish dreamer, because above all, being beyond foolish he defended a woman he loved the most, and in the end, she never came to his defense.

Daisy and Gatsby fell in love, she promised to wait for him, but when a wealthy, powerful young man named Tom Buchanan asked her to marry him, Daisy decided not to wait for Gatsby after all; she was tired of waiting for Gatsby to regain his wealth.

Daisy being so attracted to money and having grown up in a wealthy society never intended to leave Tom to be with Gatsby. Jay believed that his money will win Daisy’s heart.

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However, he did not realize that Daisy had a different plan to never change her mind to love Jay for who he really is. Gatsby was an innocent victim, for the undying love he had for Daisy. He did all he could do to keep Daisy in his life, he knew she was married and he couldn’t take her away from Brown 2 her husband and her daughter, so he came up with a plan to invite Daisy to many parties that he osted just to see her face and presence.

Gatsby was innocent because he fell into his own prey to the world of wealth because of his infatuation with Daisy. Ending with that Mr. Jay Gatsby, indeed was, a victim of love. Lastly, Gatsby did not deserve his own fate, because if he had only known the greedy side of Daisy, he would have not set up his own trap to perish in it. He suffered and was tormented physically and spiritually because he ended up being blind to love. But one good thing became of his unforgettable flaws was that of his unconditional love for Daisy remained true until the end.

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