Food waste is a thriving global crisis that is leading the physical health of the earth and the population populating the whole planet. Children in the United States live in homes that cannot reach enough food. Food waste is a serious environmental concern facing the whole region. Modern countries throw away food either because of rejection or of household wastes. On the other hand, developing countries lose their food because they do not have the supplies and resources for improving their products and conserve its freshness.

Food waste refers to human consumption. There is a need for sacrifice and co-operation from several agencies to discuss this issue. Everyone is guilty of throwing food away without knowing the consequences and effects of it. In the present, food waste is impacting the environment, economy, and hunger people. Waste food equated waste money. While food waste occurs in all frames of the food supply chain, private households have been known as important participants in food waste generation The food that has wastes can be turned into valuable resources such as natural fertilizer, animal feed, and energy.

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However, the government provides the solution to help the environment and to reduce the food that is wasted day by day.

Statement of the problem

Today, Food waste is the major threatening factor in the world and the world is concerned about food waste in the future. The issues of food wastes are impacting the environment, economy, and especially the hunger people that are needed. The food wastes are caused by the restaurant throwing food away from the consumer.

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The common causes of food waste in restaurants involve overbuying, overproduction, and spoil. The restaurants like to buy the food stock in their shelter in order to prevent the customer from coming to their restaurant but they do not know the consequence of it.

Food waste in the restaurant has produced an environmental hazard. However, the industrialized countries’ food loss is wasted due to the rejection by the retailers and the buyer. Also, for industrialized countries, food loss occurs for many reasons because of the farm gate and retail stages. Food loss can be rising from the problems during the milling, processing that exposes food that gets damaged by the mold, insects, and bacteria. Badly, the American food system prevents much of this wasted food from arriving in the consumer's hands, for either eating or throwing. They estimate provides a general evaluation of food loss and waste in the United States. However, the reduction of both issues will contribute evidence of progress in reducing food loss and waste and the serious environmental impacts linked with landfilling.
These problems happen recently at the restaurant because the restaurant needs to fill up the food even though the amount of money is increasing, the manager did not worry about the barrier. Whereas, the larger households spend much more money and spend more food because each household has lots of members so the food waste is wasted by the people. The household spent money on their food even though they do not need it because the promotion forces them to buy, they seem that the items that discount is good for them but they did not recognize the food waste amount. However, food waste is no limit to anywhere like the restaurant, bars, or households, it depends on the people knowing and being well of the food waste.

For the manufacturers, the problem is producing more products that are circular to the retailer but they did not consider the retailer outcome and income. They just stock up with a retailer. Sometimes, they forced the retailer that sells on the small market to purchase their product so the retailer bought it after that the old product that no elsewhere to sell so it was ongoing to get expired or spoil. Meanwhile, the new product stock up, the old product is going to be thrown away in the bin.

Additionally, Food waste is not only occurring in the workplace, it also happens to the environment, economy. It’s true that this issue does not happen in the workplace, it is also associated with the consumers that did not prepare their food properly so the food waste is coming from the consumer’s misuse of the items. Besides this, there is a festival located in the USA called la Tomatina festival, when they celebrate this festival they spend tons of food to waste and make the environment dirty and not hygiene. However, these cognitive and intrapersonal circumstances are only partially capable to predict purpose.

Background information

The article has underlined the solution that the company launches the campaign specifically to reduce the food waste that is gaining day by day. In 2010, Sainsbury's and Tesco started the campaign to buy any item and give it free later because both these companies combined their ideas to reduce the food waste and started to regulate the campaign that they made. This campaign is the hint to reduce the item that provides more than needed of the human need. This campaign creates a deal with a retailer because the retailer usually reports themselves that they reduce the small amount of food. “Buy one get one later” is a campaign that has been applied and used. Furthermore, there are a lot of solutions that are applied and used in each region. In Germany, the supermarket created a campaign in 2012, called “We love food “. The purpose of this campaign is to involve cooking all the expired food and the fruit that gets damaged by mold or insects and combining all food that lost quality turns into jam and jellies that we can eat. Consequently, the campaign that the companies create is still not working but they still have their commitment to solving it.

Despite it, the campaign that has been launched by the company and supermarket is not working because the people did not involve in the campaign that has to be created because they considered that is just for a promotion for the short time. Meanwhile, the people did not associate with the campaign that has to create and also have some supermarkets still circular on the market in the discount promotion. Moreover, the supermarket put the promotion with the fruit that was damaged and the food that expired. Some supermarkets disobedience the regulations that have been launched so the food waste is increasing. Consumers and the supermarket need to take a step outback and explore the way to use their food. Donate your supply chain to the organization that needs the food to adept the people.

Additionally, the consequences of not dealing with the food waste problem are coming up with more barriers that we cannot expect. To deal with this issue is so complicated because the people did not know about the food waste and the food waste causes to the environment and people that lack food. Moreover, these issues can make the surrounding surface-atmosphere get devastating. From the past until now, food is threatening the global issue, if we do not deal with the regulations, the campaign that some companies launch is hazardous to the economy. Even though some disobedience markets put up the promotion that raised up the low-quality fruit and the expired food. If we do not confront or challenges with this issue, the global will get damaged of food waste and the increasing of food waste gaining, even the god still cannot help too because of some supermarkets that have bad strategies and some people did not involve and disagree with the regulations and campaign that the company team up to reduce the food waste.


The possible solution that has existed but the regulations that the solution state is not applying to use for the food waste and the solutions that reduce food waste. Also, the solution for the household to manage their food waste. Moreover, it has a solution to the restaurant. The solution in the restaurant needs to sacrifice themselves to get rid of the food waste in several ways. Organize the fridge, regulate the temperature of the fridge, and look over the wastes. Food waste is a global concern, and many countries are undertaking to take action to help decrease the amount of wasted food they provide

Countries such as France are establishing laws that make it illegal for retailers to toss away food, many countries around the world are great on their way to turn the wave and start decreasing misused food. Think. Eat. Save is a campaign that happened between the United Nations Environment Programme and FAO with a deputation to empower comprehensive global, regional. The people who eat leftovers on the plate or on the tray will be fined $300 because it is the punishment for the consumer wasting their food. If the consumer did not regulate their sense, they will get punishment and reputation because the restaurant will put the name of the consumer on the wall or banned the consumer from being allowed to enter their restaurant. It is calculated that all of the food wasted yearly costs $750 million in a year in disposal expenses and accepts 4% of the entire US oil consumption.26 Generally, the costs correlated with the disposal of food exceeds one billion dollars in economic tax reserves yearly.

The solution to reducing the food waste that is regulated by the company, government, and the country policy some solutions are successful to deal with and some are failing to deal with it. The solution that succeeded to deal with it is “Buy one get one later” the companies created this campaign successfully because the people understand the campaign clearly and the companies provided the coupon of the items that you bought for later when the items are already eaten or used. The failure solution of the food waste is getting the food that expired and fruit that lost of quality to make jellies or jam but this solution failed because no one will go to the supermarket to eat the recyclable food while listening to the campaign that they launch so it is a failure solution to reduce the food waste. Many cities have exerted actions to battle wasted food and reduce avoidable food being combined into landfills. While composting is under, it is still a much better choice than tossing food into the trash, which produces excess greenhouse gasses and cannot be turned into worthy fertilizer for making healthy soils.

Food waste happens at every stage, from field to dinner table. According to the USDA, Americans spent 133 billion pounds of food at the retail and customer levels in 2010. Similarly, the EPA averages the waste to be at 218.9 pounds for one person. For perspective said that the government and the citizens would have to handle and hold a la Tomatina festival every day for 1,102 years to spawn the amount of food waste produced in the U.S. in 2010. This target of the audience has an advantage and disadvantage in the solution. The advantage of this solution is that we can reduce the food that we waste at some festivals. Meanwhile, if citizens hold and handle this, it can help the government avoid the economic crisis. Moreover, if we can handle the festival that people used to celebrate we can decrease the amount of food waste and environmental hygiene. The cons of this solution are not complicated but afraid of people’s demonstrations about banning the festival that they always celebrate every year. The festival and their culture cannot be banned because if the government banned and held this festival it will have another problem to face.

The pie chart below shows the US wasted food distribution measures for each division, with residential comprising 44% of all wasted food. There is the breakdown by sector in each year: 44% Residential, 20% Full-Service Restaurants, 13% Quick Service Restaurants, 11% Grocery Stores, 10% Institutional, 2% Industrial.


The USA companies providing a good campaign for the market and the consumer in order to reduce the escalation of food waste. In the various solutions, there are several solutions that are successful and can help the environment. The solution that can help to reduce the food waste that has been gaining day by is buying one get one later campaign because this campaign is the successful solution that happened specifically in the market. This campaign can help to reduce food waste in the market and especially for the household. Moreover, this solution can solve the problem in any situation and any place. It is a good campaign launched by two companies, Sainsbury's and Tesco in 2010. Both of these companies collaborated with each other to make the world become natural and the help of people get rid of starving. Moreover, this clarification can help environmental hygiene and abolish all the gases substances like methane, carbon dioxide, and the effect of the greenhouse. This campaign launched to help the retailers on the market and also help the household learn how to manage the food properly.

This campaign “Buy One Get One Later” (BOGOL) it regulates in the market and for the household controlled. This campaign implementation on the market which lets the consumer walk around the market and purchase any items that the buyer wants to and then when the consumer bought all the items already. The buyer walks to the cashier to calculate the fee after that the cashier gives each coupon to the buyer and tells them that do not throw this coupon away when consumers come back just choose that item or any items again and then show the coupon to the cashier so the cashier will not charge that item. If the coupon is lost or torn up just remember the barcode below the coupon and tell the cashier. Beyond this, the company provides a good offer to a household and the supermarket to make these outcomes balanced on each other. However, this solution is designed to relevant the household and the supermarket and keep them involved together.
Additionally, before the company, factory, supermarket launched the promotion, all of them were already the prepared subject of criticism because every promotion has always encountered criticism, and praised from the perspective. Some perspectives have a good word for them, and some just criticize them because it is based on people’s sense. When the company got criticism from lots of people, the company prepared to interpret to the people that did not like the campaign and try to comfort the people that did not as this turned into the people that liked. Mostly, when a good campaign or the regulations are announced and applied, many people support the campaign and conserve the campaign in order to reduce the problems. At least, some campaign that launched has a few points that make the people misunderstood about it. So, they already prepared for the people's criticism because they do not want their campaign to fail and lose the reputation of the company.

The solutions that the company launched are realistic and affordable. The campaign that both companies agree on is very serious and perfect because they want to organize the problems that are ruining the global and the community of people. Their campaign applied and circulated on the market in order to reduce food waste. Moreover, this campaign provided a good offer to the customers and also gave the market a perfect proposal too. The campaign provided the coupon to receive another item when you bought the item for the first time. This is a good campaign for the consumers and the buyer likes it so much because this campaign has a good response to the consumers even though the coupon is torn or lost just remember the barcode on the left below the coupon. When the household comes to the supermarket they really like this campaign because they can buy an item and then later on just show the coupon and the buyer can get another coupon.

Handling problems and objections

In every solution that has been created and applied for people to do and for the environment to be perfect, sometimes there are high and low levels of support because of some small points that in the campaign make the people considered still low quality for them. The campaign “ Buy One Get One Later” (BOGOL) is offering the coupon and the ticket to reduce the food waste but as the perspective said that the coupon and the ticket that the company provided are made of tree and plants so before to have a coupon or ticket first need to cut the tree so it means that the company destroys the natural resources again. It is so complicated and hard for the company to deal with this situation. Meanwhile, before the campaign is successful and the latter on the perspective caught the bad point of the solution so it decreasing the supporter. The solution that creates have high and low even though this solution is perfect for the global but it still has some people caught up the bad part to make the solution fail and lost quality. Some campaigns announced outside to make the people support their campaign and want the people involving the campaign to reduce the food waste. Besides this, the campaigns declare around the cities and then they pop up or put the advertisement on social media in order to make other people from another country support and get rid of the escalation of the food waste and loss. At all costs to make the solution are spending much on it because when they put an advertisement on social media, they need to spend money to boost their pages and campaign for having a lot of people

The solution that has been failing just recognize the solution and find a better solution and then set up the time and date to launch another solution in the perfect way. Find the good to create the solution that not impacting anyone. Despite it, the solutions are perfect 100% already but it still has a mistake for the creator. Moreover, the solution that has a small mistake because of some consensus disagreement with each other. Before the company launched the solution and campaign, first they already consensus with the other and clients to make the solution. Furthermore, the solution that they launched they already think about the social impacting and the people recommending or avoid from criticism. When they create the campaign they have moral in their sense already even the people start to judge and did not interesting with this already, the boss in the company still calm down and smiling. Moreover, the boss has their own passion and meditation because the boss does not want to make argue with the people. Making arguments with people is very bad and also can be lost the reputation of the company.

Updated: May 19, 2021

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