The Giving of Orders

When a supervisor gives an order to an employee, it is the most likely that the employee would follow them because it what he or she is paid to do besides doing their daily task. In order for the employee to stay in a functional business environment, the employee along with the supervisor have to communicate and analyze how the business can succeed and how it can perform better day by day. In other words, the function of giving of orders and receiving of them is what really distinguishes how a business is going to stand day by day and in the future.

In this paper the article, The Giving of Orders by Mary Parker Follett is going to be analyzed and a specific issue is going to be deeply discussed as well as the common relation to the Analyzing the Environment of the Public Organizations chapter four in Rainey.

In her article, Mary Parker Follett mainly discusses how there needs to be a change in the habit patterns of people.

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She briefly discusses how we need to build up certain attitudes, provide for the release of these attitudes and how we need to augment the release responded response as is being carried out. Follet’s main argument is that the giving of order is something that should not be by surpression but instead it should be applied by integration. She mentions how the giving of orders and the receiving of them ought to be a matter of the integration through the circular behavior and how it is something that we should start to seek and bring this about.

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Mary does mention one specific issue when it comes to giving and the receiving of orders. She mentions that is a situation where the supervisor has a distinct relationship with one employee than then rest of the staff is a huge problem. In most cases, this is what happens with most employers where the supervisor hires someone that he or she knows personally or even sometimes the supervisor has some type of feeling toward a specific individual. Therefore treats the rest of the staff different by giving them orders and not giving that specific individual orders to follow. Mary’s solution to this problem is to depersonalize the giving of orders, to unite all concerned in a study of the situation, to discover the law of the situation and obey that. The main argument that Mary points out throughout the article is that it is not a good thing to give or receive orders. In fact she states “One person should not give orders to another and that both should agree to take orders from the situation instead”.

On the other hand, this specific issue relates to a specific section on Chapter four Analyzing the Environment of Public Organizations. The issue previously discussed in the paper relates

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The Giving of Orders

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