The Emergence of the Ipad and Its Effects on Our Lives

William Fremd is a very well known for its educational status before the introduction of ipads. the presence of ipads could arguably be a product of the high wealth demographic at fremd and only complicating the curriculum with new technology. This year every single one of the 2,800 students at William Fremd High School received a brand new IPad. The school bought the IPads for the teachers and students believing it would help the students learn more intuitively with the new technology era.

All homework, labs, notes, and exercises are all on the Ipad. It is easier to submit homework, share documents, and actively take notes while listening to the teacher. The entire curriculum is now transferred to the Ipad which could cause problems in the classroom. A couple years ago Ipads did not exist, but now it is almost a must to have this piece of technology people to understand it, because it is in so many businesses. When this technology did not exist students and business men were doing great; getting into outstanding colleges, jobs, anything that determined their future.

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We don't look back as much as we should and appreciate the values we had without technology.

So many people believe that these Ipads will help students become smarter than their parents, but in reality now "parents in an overwhelming number of cases, never set foot in a college and do as well in mathematics as the privileged eighth graders of America's wealthy suburbs" (Gladwell 251). This proves that Ipads won't make a dramatic difference in the students education.

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The Ipad will simply make the education system more confusing Although there are many advantages to having an Ipad for school or even business, there are also disadvantages that prevent people from achieving their best.

Teenage kids with an Ipad is a little scary, because there are endless possibilities to what they could do on there. Schools who have bought Ipads, tablets, or even laptops are working to find a way to stop goofing around and cyber bullying, but sometimes it is too hard to erase everything that is harmful or distracting.

I witness so many kids not doing anything related to school: playing games, shopping online, or chatting with friends. The question is, how do kids better chance of learning with these Ipads when there are so many things that they can be distracted with? I don't believe that it is possible to eliminate all cyber bullying and distractions from these Ipads, because these forms are technology are most used for recreational purposes. It's difficult for these students to understand that these forms are technology are now being used beyond their recreational habits. There is always going to be some type of distraction on the ipad that will take away from the educational purpose that William Fremd is trying to achieve.

Many believe that this technology will help us become smarter, achieve more, excel in life; but in reality for High School students it is a high distraction. Having Ipads in schools is supporting students to become connected in the growing technology, but the sacrifice is made through the distractions and cyber bullying. "To better build a world we need to replace the patchwork of lucky breaks and arbitrary advantages that today determine success" (Gladwell 267). Schools don't need high end technologies to help students, all they need is support of teachers pure motivation to do well in life.

Updated: Mar 26, 2023
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