The Effects of Single Parenting and Divorce

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Single parenting or single parenthood is a parent bringing up a child or children alone without a partner. The reasons for this can vary. They may have been in a relationship which they left, or their partner might have passed away, or been summoned to an active job. (Rebecca, 2017) (Rebecca 2017) stated that back in the days, the parenting approach was completely different. There is a phrase that says "it takes a village to raise a child," which quite accurate. Then, the child used to be nurtured by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and close families.

Moreover, with the time and modernization, the village shrank, and it still continues to disappear. Human beings have evolved so that the community raises them, but when it is not present, then the dysfunction will potentially develop.

Single Parenting Problems

A single parent attaches to her children so badly for company and support that it makes difficult for their child to leave the house. The various responsibilities of child raising, homework, and earning, will not give the parent enough time for themselves.

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It moreover results in adding stress, fatigue and pressure. Sometimes it's hard to maintain discipline in the home as a single parent will be the only disciplinarian, which can give the rise to behavioral problems in children. (Rebecca 2017)

Positive Effects of Single Parenting

(Claudine 2013) stated that most times, the negative effects of single parent households are quite apparent; economic troubles and abandonment related trust issues. But, there are also positive effects on raising a child.

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Another positive effect of a single parenting is strong mother- child bonging. The bonding between a mother and her child is very important. Spending one-on-one time with your little one creates a unique bond which will be stronger than the one if you were a nuclear parents.

Secondly, the strong sense of community; as with the phrase that I mentioned earlier "it takes a village to raise a child," it works with single parent families as well. Children who have single parents will also have many supporters. Some cases, the extended family members will play a unique role in a child's life. Single parents who do not live with their extended families will try participating in community groups which may include single parent support groups, synagogues and churches. (Rebecca 2017)

The other positive effect is share responsibilities; (Amato, Paul R.) stated that children raised by single parents will not just have token responsibilities to do, but their contribution to the complete family system is necessary. In this way children will understand the value of their work. Not only that, children will find their parents working hard, and it will force them to collaborate and work along with their parents. Additionally, the children will also learn to manage their disappointments in life.

Parental Role Modeling; Children brought up in single parent families will realize their importance in their parents' lives. For example, myself; I was raised by a single mother and I know what it feels like and I know I'm important to my mother. Things do gets rough at times but my momma still manage to provide for me and my siblings.

(Malachi 2017) stated that there will be no parental conflicts, and it eases tension and stress for both the parent and the child. It will be true in the case of the former partner being abusive or the relationship was controversial. If there are no arguments or conflicts, the child will feel safe and happy. Some parents have so many issues and it effects their child when they go to school and their not even focus because of what happened from home between parents. So it's best if parents should keep it cool and support each other for the sake of their kids.

Negative Effects of Single Parenting

There are 6 negative effects of single parenting I'm going to talk about and they are Financial Troubles, Low parenting quality, Children after a divorce, Emotional Problems, loneliness and Adjustment Difficulties. These negative effects has happened here in our territory and around the world. Financial Troubles: Most single guardians work extended periods to meet the budgetary needs of the family. It is important to run the family unit and bring up the kids. There might be chances when you need to deny your children from their necessities, and you may need to juggle over and over between budgetary responsibilities. Your kid may hence be not ready to accept the open doors he generally longed for because of budgetary concerns. (David H. Demo)

The other negative effect is Low parenting quality; meaning many responsibilities add to your everyday life. Your long hours of working may make you miss your child's important school functions. For my mom, she works and she sometimes make time to participate in any of my school stuff. If she's not coming then I know my grandma will and to me it's still the same. There may be chances when single parenting have deny their kids form their requirements, and they may have to juggle repeatedly between financial commitments. (David H. Demo 2013)

Children After a Divorce

Some said the reason why they're single parenting is because they got divorce and they don't think deep when it comes to that. They only think about themselves and they forgot that children will suffer big time from it. For me, my dad was with us and he went off-island when I was 5 for his appointments and him and my mom had some issues so we didn't hear from him since then until his passing. My dad died when I was 10 and he died in San Diego so I didn't have that much time to spend with him because he was off-island and my mom couldn't even allowed us to talk to him or send cards because my mom was being selfish and mad at the same time.

Emotional problems; Youngsters are probably going to experience the ill effects of confidence issues. They may pine for warmth, which they won't get enough as a result of your bustling calendar. Along these lines, they may lose desires in their connections sometime down the road. They will assume all the fault for their living conditions. It might be troublesome for single parenting to prevent them from illustration correlations, however single parenting can enable their kids to assemble self-respect. Things like recognizing her when she has accomplished something great and posting a card in her room about her value will help manufacture confidence. (Kartherine R. Allen) I kind of experienced this growing up but it wasn't that at all and I'm grateful that my mom raised me and my siblings and we're all in a good place now and I thank her for that and for always playing her part as a single parent.

Loneliness is one of the effects and it is another challenge most single guardian's face. They won't just have the capacity to impart their troubles to their mate yet in addition can't share their delights also. On the off chance that the parent is single due to companion's demise or any disaster, it will be considerably harder for the parent to endure a wide range of duties. (Mark A. Fine)

Lastly is Adjustment difficulties; Kids will likewise confront the issues alongside their single guardians. They might be a feeling of misfortune, neediness and consistent presentation to parental contentions. While the parent's feeling of misfortune is a result of the missing companion, a kid's misfortune will be a guide or a defender. It will be harder for youngsters at their young age. Many children are now facing so many issues along with their single parents because of what their single parents is going through with or without a spouse. (Timothy J, 2000)


In conclusion, I've learned that mothers are mostly the single parent that raised their children on their own without the help form their better half. To comprehend the manners by which being brought up in a solitary parent family influences the lives of youngsters, it is important to think about the individual conditions of families as to financial hindrance, private insecurity, child rearing capabilities, and between parental clash.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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