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The Consequences of Single Parenting

As we know that the importance of the family and the major role that they have played in rising up their children over time from the beginning of their life up to the maturity stage. It was observed that’s many children have been grown up in single-parent wither they were living with their mother or their father due to any circumstance, the children who grow up in a single-parent family were getting a special car from one side only. Du to that we can say one parent cannot alone take care of his children’s while it has become more prevalent.

It is also, been obvious that many children who live in one parent or two parents’ family and their life were stable and successful. But we were trying to highlight the majority of the real issue on single parent.

From 1995 the structure of American family for the children in the age of 14 to 18 who live in first marriage having both father and mother are 42 %, live in a second marriage step-family 22%, live in a single parent, divorced or separated family is 21%, live in a single parent never married family is 6%, live in a single parent widowed family is 3% at the end we can see that the children in America who live in a single-parent family is 58%.

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This is an indication to us that we have to realize that single parent becoming more and more nowadays. Also, we can highlight the outcome of the single parent are not going to meet our expectation of the ideal family.

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Children also need a role model in his life to guide him as been stated in the later of “Magginnis those boys who don’t have father as male role models suffer especially”.

The initial ten years of the children live is a very important development phase in the overall development due to their character formation and many of the life habits establishment. The main characteristics of children to be developed are the sense of personal self-worth, the patterns of behavior, and the school experience. In the dysfunctional family, children feel that his parent are getting more effort because of his presence in their life he might not be happy and he might think his life is not worth for his family. Behavior is another concern that children will gain it from his parent and in case of that children are exposed to the bad behavior he is going to copy it and will apply it in the future as it is. Also, in a dysfunctional family, there will be a lot of issues letting the parent having continue fighting with each other which will impact their children knowledge gaining and they will not be apples to withstand the school pressure as well. Finally single-parent family will not be the best for the children but it would be better than a dysfunctional family.

In my opinion, there are many facts in the single-parent family showing that many things that they miss to provide for the children and even it cannot be provided like the full love from both mother and father. Also, the right guidance which can be provided by either father or mother is going to be missed as well. On the other hand, in a dysfunctional family parent presence are there but the continuous fight in front of their children will affect their children’s behavior. This behavior will generate many difficulties which will be reflected in their future and might lead to the rejection of their families or lead to negative behavior in their life if they couldn’t overcome. In the end, this opinion cannot be generalized on all families but we were trying to show that the single parent are not the best solution for the family structure and the even normal family can also have some failure impacting the children behave in the early stage of their life which is going to impact their future.

In the two articles of the “Single Parent Struggle” and “It Is Better for Children to grow up in a Single-Parent Family” have gone through them very well. Both of them were highlighting real issues based on researches and facts. It was obvious that they were trying to figure out these issues in the single-parent family and the dysfunctional family to be resolved. Finally, this is the nature of the families in our life and gaps will be there but we are trying to minimize it to the optimum limit to have a successful family in our society.

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