The Effects of Child Support and the Relationship

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A moms and dads responsibility is the welfare and health and wellbeing of the kid by investing time with them or spending money on them. Parents who cohabit, they both add to the family and their children. When parents live in different households, they should concern a contract in adding to the childs well-being, oftentimes these aspects are hard to accomplish. Current changes in the kid support group have actually modified the demands in which choices are made about the demand of time and just how much money is to be provided to the kid, as a result, parents tend to avoid paying child assistance due to the boost of the amount of child support paid.

According to Rawlings, 1993, More powerful child support enforcement might also increase parental dispute, either by increasing contact in between moms and dads who would otherwise prevent one another, by motivating resident mothers to be more assertive in getting child support, or by increasing nonresident daddies frustration with the system.

In this paper, the impacts of child assistance on fathers and the relationship it has on the child will be explained.


According to Bumpass, It is estimated that 71.5 million children in the United States in 1996, 25 lived with a single parent (Fields 2001 p. 2) and it is estimated that half of all American children will spend time in single parent families during their childhoods (Bumpass 1984). The majority of these children live with their mothers (Fields 2001 p. 6), and that single- mother families are more likely to be poor than single father families (Fields and Casper 2001 p.

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8) Theory suggests that stricter child support enforcement will increase or decrease, as a result will affect the involvement Fathers would spend with their children. It is noted that paying child support will increase the fathers involvement with the child as fathers will want to monitor how the mother is spending the child support money. It is also noted that fathers who live apart from their children are uncertain about how much of their child support payment is spent on the children versus how much is spent on the mother herself (Sherwood 1992 Arendell 1992). Fathers may not trust the mother to purchase things that are needed for the child, even if the money is spent on the children. It is noted that, Divorced fathers who feel that they cannot control how their children are raised are less likely to pay support (Braver et al. 1993).

However fathers, who are actively in the childs life is still subject to pay child support Data Cross-sectional sample and longitudinal sample were used to determine the effects of fathers on child support. Data collected included all families with a child 18 years or who is eligible for child support. The sample was not giving to families where the child is living with the mother. Reports were gathered from the mother in determining factors of the cost of child support spent. The longitudinal sample was not given to families in which the children were living with the mother. The two samples were similar to each other. The cross-sectional sample includes children whose parents divorced as well as children born outside of marriage. The longitudinal sample includes information about divorced families before and after separation to allow an investigation of whether fathers income and the quality of family relationships before divorce explain any effect of child support on fathers involvement and conflict after divorce. Reflection Encouraging child support responsibilities for families in which parents would otherwise avoid each other to limit disagreements is likely to increase childrens exposure to conflict.

As noted above, fathers monitor how their child support dollars are spent, and therefore they may increase their visitation to make sure that the money is going to the children. I have a male friend that pays child support for a child in which he doesnt get a chance to see the child as the mother refuses to allow the father to be in the childs life. Paying child support may make someone feel as if they have influences over his child however, in this situation my friend was never given an opportunity to be involved in his child life. It has been noted that greater father involvement increases the demand for positive child relationships.


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