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Perceived Social Support, Coping Strategies And Hope Among Mothers Of Autistic Children

Experts estimate that there is autism in every 2-6 children out of every 1000. In India the prevalence rate of autism is 1 in 250 and 10 million people in India are currently suffering. Autism is a developmental disability marked by an impaired development in social interactions and communication (Quinn & Malone, 2000). Autism is a serious developmental disorder presenting itself at an early stage of life. Autism is defined by low social functioning, impairment in communication, and aggressive and self-destructive behavior. A family with a child having autism must make significant adjustment to cope and function appropriately.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that affect brain function and typically appears within the first three years of life. It can affect impairments in multiple areas of development including social interaction, communication, and behavior (Bashir, Bashir, Lone, & Ahmad, 2014). Autism spectrum disorder diagnoses are increasing at an accelerated rate, Dr. N.K. Arora executive director of International Clinic Epidemiology Network Trust (INCLEN) says that 1 to1.5 percent % autistic children are between age two and nine in India and more than ten million children’s in India suffer from autism.

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The survey conducted in 4000 households in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Himachal Pradesh and Goa in collaboration with aims, Thiruvananthapuram medical college and Universities of Stanford and Pennsylvania, US. It was find that prevalence rate of 1 in 66. In the absence of national studies, the estimate rate for autism in India so far varied between an impressionistic 1 in 500 and 1 in 150(Datta, 2013). Making autism the fastest growing developmental disability in the Unites States (Bloch and Weinstein 2010).

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According to the most recent statistics, one in every 68 children is diagnosed with ASD, including one in 42 boys [Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 2014] (Reinke & Solhein, 2014). As a challenge to the family, autism must rank among the most stressful of childhood developmental disabilities. Problem with communication, emotional expression and antisocial behaviors, all combined to place tremendous stress on the families of children with autism (Gray, 2006). And the Caregivers are those persons who take care of autistic child most often they are parents. In this research the researcher tries to understand the problems faced by the parents and the coping strategies developed by parents to overcome those problems and also social support received from different groups and their hope level also evaluated. Autism is a brain disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate, form relationship with others, and respond appropriate to the external world. People with the condition often exhibit repetitive behavior or narrow, obsessive interests. Other characteristics of autism include problems with verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction. Scientists aren’t certain what cause the disorder, but it’s likely that both genetics and environmental play a role (emedtv: Autism, 2013).

Autism is classified as a main subgroup in pervasive developmental disorder and it is come up with social interaction, having a delay or/and unusual functionality in language or symbolic and imaginary games, which are used in social communication and various fixations. Reluctance of social interaction with other people, limitations in eye contact, inability in especially symbolic and imaginary activities such as game can be seen in children (Meral, 2012) ASD Can be associated with intellectual disability. Difficulties in motor coordination and attention and physical health issues such as sleep and gastrointestinal disturbances. Some person’s with ASD excel in visual skills, music, math and art.

Each individual with autism is unique. Many of those on the autism spectrum have exceptional abilities in visual skills, music and academic skills. About 40% have average to above average intellectual abilities. Indeed, many persons on the spectrum take deserved pride in their distinctive abilities and ‘atypical’ ways of viewing the world. Others with autism have significant disability and are unable to live independently. About one third of people with ASD are nonverbal but can learn to communicate using other means. Autism speak The above are different definition on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a complex neurological disorder that affects brain function and typically appears within the first three years of life. It causes impairments in multiple areas of development including social interaction, communication, and behaviour (Bashir, Bashir, Lone, & Ahmad, 2014). It all the major area of individual life its also effects normal function of individual and his family child with autism will be behaving not have any contact with society and he/she will be in their own world and each person differ in their own way.

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