The Effect of Marijuana on Teens

The purpose of this article is to explain that with the incline of growers jumping from 3.8% to 11.9% from 2006-2015, makes marijuana easier for adolescences to gain access to. Marijuana affects teens by increasing things like accidental injury, motor crashes, respiratory illness, etc… Along with other lifelong consequences it could cause or lead to later down the road. The article gathered data based off surveying young teens who use marijuana, and how the usage percentages rose after the incline of growers occurred.

Teens who were in the 12th grade were 10% more likely to smoke in a month then a 10th grader. This means the older these teens get the more likely they’re to smoke.

Not only does smoking affect them negatively, but it acts as a gateway drug to new drugs a 12th grader soon to be college student might want to go and explore. This source is useful for my paper because it shows the negative consequences of smoking in the youth, and why these numbers are starting to rise.

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The study they conducted showed that students who used marijuana in general performed lower in all categories. Students who smoked had worse behavior than those who didn’t smoke at all. Students who smoke also perform worse academically. Not only does it affect their grades but their attendance as well.

Some of them do it thinking it could increase their academic success and other skills but in the end it does nothing to benefit them. It also impairs student engagement which interferes with the teacher’s ability to have each student reach a certain academic proficiency.

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What makes this useful for my paper is the data they gathered shows where exactly it affects them in school. Also, why more and more kids start to experiment with weed as they grow further into high school. The purpose of this source was to show that people who smoke marijuana earn less than those who don’t, and how it affects things like cognitive abilities.

Their ability to attain educational knowledge over a long period of time is lower. Meaning they have a harder chance of getting certain jobs because they tend to forget what they learned. People who are employed and smoke show reduced job performance along with being absent/late to work more. Study shows that men who smoke are 15-17% more likely to be unemployed. This data is useful for my paper because it shows how smoking could greatly affect one’s future financially. Along with their overall performance at the workplace which could lead to less sales or more common mistakes made. This sourced explained how marijuana usage in teenagers can worsen their depression, and lead to more serious mental disorders later in life.

Marijuana is the most used illicit drug for teenagers. Teens who smoke at least one time a month are three times as likely to have suicidal thoughts. Depressed teens are more likely to smoke then those who aren’t. Teens who smoke tend to not only smoke but do other illicit drugs. Most teens who smoke consume high amounts of alcohol to go along with it. Nowadays, marijuana is more potent than it was years ago meaning the health consequences it causes now are more detrimental to teens than they were before.The purpose of this source is to explain to me who is more likely to smoke and why. Also, it informed me that smoking doesn’t help cope with depression or disorders it only makes them worse.

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