The Day I Heard A Lesson From My Father, My Hero, My Inspiration

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My father is and has always been a phenomenal narrator of stories. in fact, some of my happiest moments are listening to his stories. My father telling a story is like a Disney movie unfolding and going into more detail. None compare to the story of “Belerutwan”, a fictional character who was told to children in my culture to stop them from interacting with strangers, a child eating gigantic man.

It was an ordinary day at home after school I was getting ready for bed.

my father sat on the bed and started to tell the story. I remember feeling really intrigued and his stories spiking my curiosity. At first, as he was telling the story I felt some fear but at the same time, I was felling intreged by his words. Before the story, I was really happy and really content with what I know and why I know it. After the story though I felt a sudden urge to know more about everything, the story had really spiked my curiosity to unparallel peaks.

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At this time I was ten years old and I felt like my father knew everything in the world and if he did not know about it no one knew about it and every sentence that he spoke absorbed me the more and more icreaesing interest in the world. This was one of many folk tales that he told me and I was never more at peace and content with life as when he told me those stories.

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The fairy tales made me feel like I was personly living a fairy tale and part of a magical world filled with pure happiness and love. I have learnt many lessons in life but none compare to that of my fathers' stories. During the stories, he told me I felt so much love and genuine happiness. I felt like a newborn baby’s laugh a laugh of pure joy and comfort. These days true happiness for me is hard to come by in others and the nostalgia that those times bring make me feel like I could go back to then. Tough the nostalgia of those times makes me feel happy in the time we live and assures me that maybe the world can get better. The truth is that it wasn't for those days I wouldn't be who I am today. In this day and age, I can honestly state that I am glad I had those little moments and the pleasure they brought the are deeply rooted in my personality and who I am.

If I were to relive those moments i would not change a thing. form the fear that I felt at first to the curiosity to the relief when I ended all happily and sound. Those stories truly made me who I am today with all my imperfections and flaws and when I look back and reflect i think it used to be so simple and could the key to true happiness for me be just to enjoy the small little moments. one thing I know i will cherish these memories and lessons till the day I die.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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