The Dangers of Speeding Essay

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The Dangers of Speeding

I will never ever speed again. Speeding cost way too much time and aggravation to continue speeding. This ticket has made me realize that all speeding does is put me and other people in danger and waste a lot of gas. And in these economic times wasting gas isn’t the best idea. I am unemployed and I’ve been trying to get a job to pay for this ticket so my parents wouldn’t have to. This is good because now I know that speeding is just wrong.

I can drive 45 in a 45 and some one could be doing 60 and catch a red light and I’ll be there right next to him, sure he got there faster but I didn’t waste five dollars in gas just to catch a red light. Statistics show that if the speed limit is 65 and you go 75 it will get you to your destination 10 minutes faster but you also increase your risk of accident by 25%. Honestly I don’t want to risk an accident over 10 minutes of time. It’s pointless. When you speed, you have less time to react to unexpected situations.

Other drivers have less time to react to your situation. With that being said, you can easily harm someone or yourself if not kill them by not watching your surroundings. Because like stated before, you not only have little time to react at the normal speed of traffic; but now you are speeding which takes away from the normal time, in return gives you minimal to NO time to react at all. Cars are not really designed for high speed even though they are capable. Braking systems are not designed for stops form high speeds.

They can overheat and fail in an emergency stop, therefor the “perfect breaks” you thought you had are completely useless. Which means the poor person in front of you is probably fixing too suffer because you had too speed. In cases as concerned as running into the back of someone…I have heard of people getting paralyzed by careless driving mistakes such as speeding and missing a stop. Or texting and not realizing the person in front of them is either fixing too turn or has all the sudden came to a sudden stop because of a driver in front of them.

In this case the carelessness of you will directly affect not only your safety it will directly affect the driver in front of you and possibly the driver directly in front of them, now you have a “three car pileup” over a simple speeding violation directly affecting three people’s lives. I have realized that its simply preposterous too speed. If you need too get somewhere quickly, my best suggestion is that you leave early enough too get there on time or you just take that you will be late.

Once the car starts skidding, you’re along for the ride. You have no control. The car is skidding on molten rubber, no friction between the tires and the road surface. It’s kind of like hydroplaning except there is no water involved. In a situation like this it does not just advisably effect you or someone else it affects the condition of the vehicle because you are ruining not only the breaking system by taking unnecessary stops or halts in the event of speeding but the tires the motor in excessive use of horsepower.

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