The Childhood Genius And Abilities Of Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on the 27th of January, 1756 in Salzburg, he died on December 5, 1791 in Vienna, Austria. He lived in Austria for most of his life. His father, Leopold was a successful violinist, assistant concert master, and a great composer at the Salzburg court. He was from a good family. His mother was Anna Maria Pertl. She was born of a middle-class family that was a part of local government. Mozart had only one sister, was Maria Anna. Mozart’s family greatly supported him on the way of music so he could become a good composer.

He was talented, kind, and sociable. He passed away when he was 35 years old. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart became famous while he was alive and even after he died.

When he was 3 years old, he was picking out chords on the harpsichord, at four playing short pieces. Then, at five composing. In 1766, in Paris Mozart met several German composers, and Mozart’s first music was published.

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After that, Mozart met Johann Christian Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach’s youngest son in London. Under his influence Mozart composed his first symphonies. Mozart and his sister often played and improvised, sometimes at court, sometimes in public or in a church. In this time period, there were many social revolutions turned against the wealthy nobility and fought for the low-ranking man. With the nobility’s bankruptcy and new social orders throughout Europe. As social revolutions expanded and society became more educated and printed music more available, people started to play music more frequently in their homes.

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In this period, people began to like to listen to soft music from piano. And, opera continued to be popular. In early 1777, Mozart was improving dissatisfaction with his position as assistant concert master and the confining environment of Salzburg. In 1779, he was working in the court as an organist with accompanying duties. In 1781, Mozart was finally released from his duties and began working freelance. A year later, Mozart gave his first public concert consisting entirely of his own compositions.

The main characteristic of the music of the Classical era was mostly soft and lightly. The instruments were used during this period were piano, flute, violin, woodwind,... Concerto, sonata, fugue, and symphony were popular because their combination with many different instruments, and form a new kind of music known as orchestra. It also contain vocal styles, like cantata, mass, and opera. The piano in this era had only four octaves, but many composers wrote for five to six octaves. Therefore, pedals and damper were added, giving the increasingly popular piano even more profundity of expression and developing its compositional possibilities. The development of piano made it a wonderful instrument with beautiful resonance and dynamic range. A wooden case, withstand with a steel frame, allows the instrument to have a ringing sound. The dynamic of the piano is also quite remarkable. The hammering action and the vibration of the strings allows it to be played in any dynamic, from fortissimo to pianissimo. The difference between piano and other keyboards is its ability to play soft and loud, make crescendos to decrescendos as well as change dynamics very quickly or very slowly. The major difference between the Baroque and Classical eras is the texture. In the Classical period, the texture was clearer, lighter, and less complex than the Baroque period.

At first, Mozart was composed music for the piano. After that, he wrote almost every kind of music, such as symphonies, chamber music, operas, solo concertos, especially string quintets, string quartets, and the piano sonata. He is most well-known for the greatest composer with twenty-four operas, such as Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute, seventeen masses, The Marriage of Figaro, and over fifty symphonies.His songs always become famous because of their lovely and delightful rhythm; a beautiful melody; a significant timbre and wonderful mood; a brilliant tempo and dynamics; a marvelous form; a charming dynamics combined with tempo, such as allegro, moderato, largo,.... Mozart's music always expressed all the central traits of the classical style. Some of his most famous pieces are Piano Sonata No.11 In A, K331/K300I, Piano Concerto No. 21, 2nd Movement 'Andante', Piano Concerto No. 20, 2nd Movement 'Romanze',... When he began composing, European music was influenced by the elegant style. Hence, Mozart almost single-handed invented and popularized the classical piano concerto.

I heard his songs such as Piano Sonata No.11 In A, K331/K300I,… to confirm my research because his songs are familiar to me and everyone. It has a joyful dynamic and soft tempo. I like all of his songs because it makes me feel comfortable with every melody and rhythm and cheerful mood. I think I was difficult to get used to how to look at the piece of music and play smoothly without mistake. People should listen to his music and learn more about his music because he has dedicated himself for music, and more than six hundred compositions, many of which were for the piano. His music has all the elements of music that work together, and form many incredible songs.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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