The Charm Of Sports

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Every year there are countless sports games played around the world, covering almost all sports. Take 2018 as an example, it is a big year for football as the quadrennial World Cup will be held in Russia. There is no doubt that sports are getting increasingly popular as the economic develops steadily. According to the China Daily, ‘In general, there is a rising tide in interest in sport, (the Chinese) are broadening their horizon outside what are core China sports,’ said Richard Young, managing director for the National Football League in China.

I contribute the great popularity of sports to its charm.

Firstly, for the sports games, the sports beauty shown in sports competitions such as speed, strength and skills make the games more exciting and inspiring, as a result of which the spectators enjoy the games more. At the scene of the competition, spectators can cheer loudly as the competition goes on, and they can vent their emotions to their heart’s content, which makes people feel relaxed in spirit.

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Secondly, for the sports players, athletes struggle hard on the field with the spirit of never giving up and fighting hard under the drive of certain ideals and beliefs, which deeply touches everyone watching the game. In the NBA finals, LeBron James spared no effort to narrow the gap between the two teams scores continuously when everyone thought their team had little chance to win. James even suffered an eye injury in the course of the game and admitted that his vision had impaired after the game, but he continued to fight to the last minute.

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Whether he is a fan of James or not, he will undoubtedly admit that James is regarded as a very respectable athlete. Athletes make excellent achievements in their own fields and win glory for their country which have a positive impact on people. In the past decade or so, all countries have vigorously promoted the development of national sports. Take China as an example, according to the Xinhua News Agency, Sports symposium held on December 28th 2017, pointing out that the development of sports in our country is progressive and positive. And in achievement, practical innovation, team construction progress and so on had made great progress, largely contributing to promoting China’s international influence and making a positive contribution to boost national sports spirit.

People may simply believe that the promotion of sports is to strengthen and exercise the body. Actually, something more important is that it gives people a sense of spiritual and neurological release, a sense of pleasure, a sense of achievement and a sense of comfort. These are the spiritual values that sport brings to people. And this is the charm of sports. The higher the standard of living, the more people pay attention to the spiritual value of sports. We are all supposed to take an active part in sports and feel the charm of sports. In summary, when you are really involved in sports, you will feel charm of it.


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