The book’s topic “Never Let Me Go”

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The book's subject, "Never ever Let Me Go"


The topic "Never ever Let Me Go" portrays grasping of human beings removed their identities and after that identified as copies in a bleak world in which human clones are socially accepted. These human clones are used for organ donation to the real people. In addition, the title "Never ever Let Me Go" has numerous significances. To begin with, the subject depicts an imaginary song reminding Kathy about her youth. Secondly, the topic describes the perception of Madame in the young clones been left to adopt the old world of humans (Matthews 67) In addition, the topic calls for the action that we as humans we need to not forsake our human dignity as represented by the society that has forsaken Kathy.

The subject aims to explore the worth of human life drawing referral from principles and drawing parallel which presents the clones as things for enhancing human life. The fact that Kathy and Tommy are identified clones is quite stigmatizing and depressing as it provides their purpose as just contributing organ and later on faces their unavoidable completion.

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The social stigma encountered make them depressed as they struggle to look for self-identity that does not simply link to their purpose. Then the significant question stays to be whether these clones are actually human being or just things. In addition, the title that comes from the act of Kathy holding her pillow infant depicts objection towards abandoning the traditions and accepting modernity. In this sense, the author seems to be against the concepts cloning.

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Discussion of the book

The book “Never Let Me Go” is fictional literature that is filled with numerous emotional scenes which are marred with identity crisis. It portrays a class of human beings who are stripped of their identity and presented as copies with seemingly low dignity. In addition, the book portrays the possibility of understanding our identity by interpreting the metaphor of AIDs. The author uses the four students (clones) to explain how human beings seek validity of their identity by creating self-images. Ishiguro presents the fragility of human identity and how it can be changed by the judgments of others people. For instance, the students attempted to improve their art in a bid to have their work selected for inclusion in the gallery which in turn changed their perception of self-worthy making them place doubt on the individuality (Ishiguro 27) .The students seem to undergo a struggle of self-identity especially after reflecting on their purpose, organ donation Therefore, the students struggle to search for a life’s purpose that is more fulfilling despite knowing their purpose as donating. Hence, the purpose of one’s life does not really solidify the meaning of life.

The euphemism of completion as used by the author is to the duty and purpose of life, which is inevitable as it, must be accomplished at one point in life. In this sense, death is the student’s fate. We therefore need to establish a duty in our life that makes our life complete. The attempts of Kathy and Tommy search for a suspension illustrate the humanity attempts to escape the purpose of their lives. Tommy ardently refuses to be a labeled a patient-donor illustrating a struggle to find meaning and self-identity (Matthews, 109). The mention of donor in the novel implies a clone, which elicited questions to whether students had other unique identity. However, despite the many questions regarding their identity, they students have no doubts about possession of souls. At the end of the novel Kathy and Tommy faces the reality that Emily refused to share with them during their life at Hailsham. However, the society seems to make them believe all the mystery behind their “creation”.

Analyzing the character(s) from “Never Let Me Go” by Ishiguro

In broad spectrum, the characters as portrayed by Ishiguro are outstanding throughout the book. For instance, in the first scene Kathy acts as the “carer” for all human donors although she is a product of cloning (Ishiguro 11). However, due to the illogical impact of the human perception of the number of organ donations a clone can give, it is apparent that Kathy will soon “complete”. Kathy is thirty one year old and at this age her death will soon knock the door of her life after she donates the last organ; that is the fourth time. As a matter of fact, the character of Kathy is unique. She uses the chance to grasp the moments when she relates her times at school; that is Hailsham in England. However, it is evident that Kathy is not happy with the current situation and narrates her story to her friends Tommy and Ruth whereby it is evident that Kathy has a dark life story (Ishiguro 14). In the Narration, Ruth is perceived to be cocky while Tommy is regarded as a misfit. She starts the novel as a humble, ethical; and an innocent girl.

In an in-depth analysis of the storyline, the three characters are portrayed by Ishiguro as the products of the society that are made specifically to compliment the need for organs to be used in the transplants. Essentially, this is Tommy and Kathy are deemed to be intelligent beings living in an unfriendly society. In addition, the characters, who are the products of cloning, seem to be compassionate. In their endeavor to undergo the surgery as well as in their partial recovery phase, Tommy and Ruth attest to be bold enough and heroic. Their positivity towards living their lives to their fullest is a glowing sketch of their willingness to live as the agents of human satisfaction in terms of organ donation. These are depicted in their preparedness to “Complete”.

Ideally, Kathy is the apple of the reader’s eyes. She is the center of the direction of the entire Ishiguro work as portrayed in her character of not evading the events that may lead to her death. In other words, Kathy is passive in her relationship with her two friends (Ishiguro 218). Similarly, Ruth is Kathy’s best friend. Her character throughout the book changes depending on the circumstances at hand. At time, Ruth is so nice such that she attracts the reader while at some times she is unfriendly. Moreover, Ruth is a lover and friendly at some times; she spends several years dating Tommy. It is ostensible that Ruth’s selfish behaviors hurt Kathy to great extent. To in a critical diagnosis of Tommy as a character in “Never let me go”, behavior proves Tommy is friendly and loving.

Personal Reflection

After critically analyzing the book through the study of the character; that is Kathy, Ruth and Tommy, I was able to realize that self-Identity can be of great significance to the human existence. Depression that come from stigmas from being ill in the realm of the society and the adverse effects on an individual identity still had an impact in my life after the critically analyzing the book. This can be learned from the characters perception that every human being was made with a purpose of which when they accomplish, there is no need to hesitate when your time to “complete”; die. In addition, I learned that accomplishing ones purpose in life should be a dream come true. Although the work is a fictional product, the idea of “clones” delivers the Ishiguro’s philosophy well.


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