The Biography Of Wayne Dupree

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Wayne Dupree was born in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States on December 10, 1968. Wayne Dupree is a 50 year old blogger, host and radio speaker. Dupree develops political analysis on recent issues and events of government administration and international relationships of the United States.

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Background, Family and Education

Wayne Dupree comes from a Catholic family and is very religious. Dupree’s family have always been from the conservative political view and support the Republican Party. Wayne grew up influenced by his family’s views and is a Trump supporter and a Republican himself.

Wayne Dupree went to school and high school in Maryland. He graduated from Cambridge South Dorchester High School in 1986. Wayne’s patriotism and love for his country led him to join the U.

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S. Air force.

Wayne Dupree married Sonnie Johnson. Wayne’s wife has a page called “Did She Say That.” Sonnie shares her husband’s political views and also defends equality between white and black people. She brings up issues and cases where the traces of the time of the apartheid show that there’s still inequality and racism in the United States. Wayne and Sonnie are raising their children with awareness, sensibility, faith in God and a strong sense of patriotism and community which is the way they were raised themselves. Wayne and his wife live to defend and better their country and spread their views on political issues; always in the light of the conservative and republican view.


Wayne Dupree worked in the U.S. Air Force managing correspondence and messages. From proofreading to routing, authenticating and delivering. Wayne has been deeply inspired by Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart pioneered on spreading news and using social media and the Web 2.0 to bypass the newspapers and news industries. He believes news industries filter news through personal and financial interests. By using todays before mentioned technological tools people can deliver the news, unfiltered, themselves. Wayne’s whole career is based on this goal.

After leaving the Air force Wayne Dupree used his abilities on social media and web managing. He worked as a production coordinator and performed as a graphic designer for Lockheed Martin Information Technology, Multimax, QinetiQ North America and Vencore Inc. Next, Wayne had worked enough to be able to create his own broadcast. In 2013 the Wayne Dupree Show aired in WAARadio, a media group he founded and is currently CEO. Dupree has hosted his show ever since.

Dupree also has his own web page: Wayne created this page to perform as a trustworthy open news source. Following Andrew Breitbart’s tradition, Wayne’s social networks are all interconnected to serve the same purpose, deliver news and Wayne’s political analysis on important issues. Wayne Dupree’s political views are sought after by many prestigious news channels like Fox and The Political Insider among many others.

Trivia and Interesting Facts

Wayne Dupree has earned the nickname “NewsNinja.” He was nicknamed thus because of his direct and strong way of expressing his opinions and conservative political position. Wayne has been recognize for his work by Newsmax media Organization calling him one of the 50 more influential Black Conservatives in 2017. He also was awarded in the 2015 the Blogger of the Year by the American Conservative Union.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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