The Awakening and The Story of An Hour Analysis

The awakening has alot of mysterious and yet questionable events while the story of an hour is sort of relatable to it. Which I believe that a lot social criticism was going on because different people was saying things behind a person they do not like behind their back. Back in New Orleans, Edna actively pursues her painting and ignores all of her social responsibilities. Worried about the changing attitude and increasing disobedience of his wife. The tension and discord between Edna and Léonce at the beginning of the novel foreshadows the drama that will result from Edna’s later departure from social conventions.

Léonce does not regard his wife as a partner in marriage but as a possession. This solitude is not the sign of independence or strength, but rather manifests a self-abnegating withdrawal from life and passion, undertaken out of utter respect for a husband’s death. Throughout the novel, this black-clad woman never speaks, as if having vowed silence.

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Her silence contributes to her lack of individuality and her idealization within the text as the socially acceptable widow. Adèle Ratignolle exemplifies many of the same ideals as the lady in black, but it seems that she can’t speak about what she wants to say.

From a social view the tendencies have been quite questionable because from the awakening it has a lot of opinions of other people in the story and having to say something behind them instead of telling them to their faces.

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While in the story of an hour it has talking about the mourning of characters husband passing it kept the wife in grief so she went to her room hoping no one would follow her chopin is trying to promote a particular social view about the two passages it seems like she was trying to compare the two stories on similar terms. But there is also some criticism in both stories, but mostly the awakening, every chapter has someone talking about somebody This background information explains Léonce's lack of perception as he outlines to Dr. Mandelet the behavior of a woman clearly in love with someone other than her husband. While the story lacks a true ending, indicating that Edna herself does not know where her love for Robert will take her, it does not lack for sensual detail. This final chapter ends Edna's story with references to the two main themes: Edna as a child and as a bird. Recall Mademoiselle Reisz's pronouncement in Chapter 27 that the 'bird that would soar above the level plain of tradition and prejudice must have strong wings. Critics called the awakening morbid, vulgar, and disagreeable.

Readers had a problem with what Kate wrote in the 19th century and it caused major problems so her book was condemned and banned from the public because it was not safe for kids to read and a lot of adults were disgusted from what they read. Mainly, she was talking about characters having affairs with other characters from their spouses and the fact criticism was taking place inside the book and it was just a whole lot of messy things. It goes from topic to the next and sometimes I can't comprehend with it because it makes me Confused.

The story of an hour analysis shows that it is not any better from the awakening because it talks about the loss of the wife's husband and her grief and how she doesn’t want nobody to talk to her. Kate is really doing both criticizing and promoting at the same time in both stories. Or is it?

Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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