The Art of Make Up

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Understanding of art is an expression of the human feeling that has the element of beauty in it and is expressed through a media of its real nature, whether it be in the form of a tone, appearance, motion, poetry, and it can be felt by the senses of human beings. Some also argue that the definition of art is all things created by human beings that contain elements of beauty and can affect the feelings of others. In essence, art is the result of a person’s inner existence expressed in the form of a work that can affect human feelings.

The etymology of art is derived from Sanskrit, namely Sani which means worship, offering, and service (Novalia, 2015). In other words, art is closely related to religious ceremonies called “art”. In 4000 BCE Egyptian women would apply galena mesdemet which is made by copper and lead ore and also apply malachite which is a bright green paste of copper materials to their faces for color and definition.

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In 3000 BCE Grecian women would paint their faces with white lead for the look of a lighter complexion and would apply crushed mulberries as a rouge which is a blush. In 1500-1600 AD European women would apply white lead paint to attempt to lighten their skin. Queen Elizabeth I of England was a well-known user of white lead and she created the look – the Mask of Youth (Makenzie Corder, 2015).

Main Body

Why is my favorite art? In this era, make-up is symbolic for a woman to look prettier and gain confidence.

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It has proven that make-up can realize the desire that every woman wants to not look dull and lifeless. It means make-up can change facial expression. Face expression to every human being is important because level of appearance can determine many things (Novalia, 2015). For example, people can gain a high level of confidence and appreciation for something. Additionally, I chose make-up as my favorite artist because I use make-up every day and unaware of I find I can create different facial expressions. For example, I can make my face look natural, sweet, gothic, sexy, elegant, bravery and charismatic with just the touch of makeup by myself. I am really sure that people out there are also thinking the same as me about using make-up as their main thing to do every day. Make-up use is not only used for theatre performances, acting or concerts, but it is also used as a daily routine to go to work, study, sightseeing and events. Therefore, I find that the make-up can be associated with expressionism to be used as an art.

Make-up is one of the arts that exist in this world. How can make-ups be associated with art? The use of textures, colors and techniques used has proven to be so easy to give the best results and impact to the expression of the face (Mary K. Nelson, 2016). Make-up has many types which is lipstick, foundation, concealer, face powder or compact powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, mascara, eye shadow, eyebrow, and eyeliner. Each of the listed types of makeup has a different tone color to realize the face expression and it needs to the suitability of the face skin tone (Valerie Tejeda, 2017). Why make-up is called as an art? Each human has a distinctive skin tone and appearance, therefore the tonic selection made available by every kind of make-up is extremely important to before use. For example, color selection for eye shadow, blush and lipstick has a high impact on expressionism. If someone needs a sweet face expression, they need to choose the color of the eye shadow which is brown or pink. If someone needs to look gothic, they need to use a combination of dark colors for their eyes and dark lipstick for their lips. People who not familiar with make-up will say it a simple thing but they will shock after it because it has a strong result after at the end of the process. Techniques to use make-up to get the desired expression is very important because, without technique or training, the percentage rate for getting the expression is very thin (Valerie Tejeda, 2017). Therefore, many people are willing to pay for anyone who has a talent for using make-up because they realize that the techniques for producing an expression requires articulated and trained hands. Producers who produce the film will take a change from the make-up artist to style the cast’s face according to the character set. For example, the director asked for a horrible facial expression because the character being held was a ghost character. Therefore, the make-up artist should study the actor’s face, choose the color tone needed and use the correct technique to produce a horror expression on the face of the actor (Makenzie Corder, 2015). For example, I chose Selena Gomez which is an actor and singer to compare her face with different types of makeup to get the expression of the face:

  • Natural Look
  • Sweet Look
  • Gothic Look
  • Sexy And Elegant Look
  • Bravery Look
  • Charismatic Look

Make-ups have various issues raised. Among the most popular issues in the world are fake products. The irresponsible people rebrand the product using hazardous and cheap materials and sold in the market at low prices (Laura Mowat, 2018). For example, the make-up product of Huda Beauty is the highest product by unscrupulous parties to sell to customers who can afford the original product. It has a high impact on consumers who purchase it because it uses artificial products and has hazardous chemicals for facial skin. Next, the issue that is always used as a chat is the technique used to produce the desired face expression. This issue occurs to every user and it only works if the user learns the technique and how to use it before generating an expression (Laura Mowat, 2018). Another issue, the customer made a mistake of choosing a make-up artist for their face. Many people love cheap things but good results and they choose to hire cheap make-up artists without first reviewing what items they use, the testimonials produced and the basic things.


In conclusion, it is undeniable that make-ups can create multiple expressions on a person’s face by simply using the right merchandise and technique. It has proven that users who use make-ups for their daily routine have their own reasons and become a favorite hobby for some people. Only by generating an expression on a person’s face can also be used as their permanent work called a make-up artist. In addition, the issues being discussed should be avoided and the authorities are still looking for ways to stop illegal activities committed by irresponsible parties. Overall, make-up use has a positive impact to everyone.


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