The American Dream in Of Mice and Men

The American Dream, which has become practically reality for George, Lennie and Candy, is briefly shared by Crooks (the stable buck). “Crooks, the Negro had his bunk in the harness room, a little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn. ” Crooks was inferior to the other men because of his race. He was not allowed into the bunk house, and lived in his own small room outside. The other men regarded him as entertainment, or someone to take things out on.

“The boss gives him hell when he’s mad. ” Crooks real dream is to have equal rights and equal opportunity.

This is proven when Lennie enters his room. “You got no right to come into my room. This here’s my room. Nobody got no right in here but me. I ain’t wanted in the bunk house, and you ain’t wanted in my room. As a child Crooks was accepted and had his own rights, “the white kids came to play at my place, and some of them were pretty nice.

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” All Crooks hoped for to regain his freedom from of the unfairness of racism. When Lennie begins telling Crooks of the dream, Crooks discourages it “Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody ever gets no land.

” However, when Candy joins the conversation and tells Crooks they have the money. The realization that the dream really can be achieved hits him. Crooks then sees his opportunity to be part of the dream. “If you guys would want a hand to work for nothing – just his keep, why I’d come and lend a hand.

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” This is Crooks’ chance to get a out of the ranch and achieve his freedom. It is important because it shows how another character clings to the idea of having their own place. Crooks’ dream of equality is also important. It gives and insight to the unfairness that black people suffered in that time.

However, Crooks’ dream is destroyed by the entrance of Curley’s wife. She starts teasing Lennie and begins to crush their dream. Crooks tells her to get out, but Curley’s wife refuses and threatens him. This is when Crooks realises he cannot accomplish what he desires, because he is considered to be so inferior. Each character has hopes and dreams to adhere to. Even Curley’s wife. Curley’s wife wanted to be an actress, she craved fame and the glamour of stardom, and believes she could still be famous. “I coulda made somethin’ of myself.

Maybe I will yet. ” This shows the importance of her dream. It gives her something to look forward to, a better life than her present situation. The reader knows Curley’s wife is unhappy with her life, she doesn’t even like her husband. “I don’t like Curley. He ain’t a nice fella. ” She tells Lennie of the high life she could be living. “could been in the movies, an’ had nice clothes. An’ I coulda sat in them big hotels, an’ had pitchers took of me. ” This detail shows exactly what Curley’s wife wants, as well as showing what she has not got.

She is the only female on the ranch, is married to a man who boats about his manhood and sees her as sexual object – “he wears a glove fulla vaseline,” and she is treated like a girl, “maybe you just better go along an’ roll your hoop”. She has no friends – “I get lonely” – and no one to talk to. Curley’s wife’s dream is an escape from the life she detests. She didn’t even want to marry Curley, and live on the ranch. “I wasn’t gonna stay no place where I couldn’t get no where or make something of myself. So I married Curley.

” Curley’s wife needed an escape from her previous life (which must have been extremely bad for her to marry a person she did not like). But, even with her knew life, Curley’s wife is unhappy. I think Curley’s wife’s dream is important in “Of Mice and Men,” because, it shows how different people suffer. It is not just the migrant workers who dream of better lives, but others as well. I think Curley’s wife’s dream is an insight to what the young American girls hope for. The main them of “Of Mice and Men” is the hopes of dreams of migrant workers.

Curley’s wife’s dream continues the theme of what everyone might hope for. Curley, the boss’ son, has a different dream to the other characters. He already has what the other men want; a farm, a piece of land, a wife and furthermore he has power. However, he has no friends and no respect even though he is the boss’s son. “Curley sounds like a son-of-a bitch to me I don’t like mean little guys. ” Curley’s dream is to become a professional boxer. The reader is told that he is good at the sport and has previous experience. “Curley’s pretty handy.

He done quite a bit in the ring. ” However, Curley wants to be in the “Golden Gloves” competition, his dream is to become the best, be superior, more so than he already is. He just wants pride and glory. I think Curley’s dream is extremely important in “Of Mice and Men. ” Curley already has everything the other men long for, despite this he still wants more. This shows how people are unsatisfied with what they have, and are never happy – unless they get more. Furthermore, it shows Curley’s true character, shows his greed in wanting more than the other will ever have.

Additionally Curley’s dream indicates how people do not appreciate the things they do have, but just take them for granted. The main them in Steibeck’s novella – a dream of a better life – is suddenly ended: which brings loneliness and isolation, immense upset, serious anger and even death to the characters. Curley’s wife’s dream (along with her life was crushed by Lennie. She had been telling Lennie of how she could have been an actress, and Lennie had told her of how he liked to pet soft things. Curley’s wife told Lennie to that her hair was “soft and fine” and let him stroke her hair.

“Lennie’s big fingers fell to stroking her hair,” consequently this led to Lennie clinging onto her. Violently Curley’s wife struggled to get free, but Lennie just held on tighter, and tighter – then, he shook her, “and her body flopped like a fish. And she was still, for Lennie had broken her neck. ” The murder of Curley’s wife commanded the murder of Lennie. All the workers were set out to hunt him down and kill him (as if he was an animal). George knew there was nothing he could but kill Lennie himself. He sent the other men on false trail “He – would have went south,” and heads towards the pool where he would find Lennie.

Lennie anticipates George being angry towards him, “Go on George, ain’t you gonna give me no more hell. ” George refuses and proceeds to tell Lennie of their dream the he “raised the gun and steadied it, and he brought the muzzle of it close to the back of Lennie’s head. The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger. ” This is ironic, because now George has no one, he has murdered his best friend, his companion, he is now one of the loneliest guys in the world, and has no future: without Lennie. However it is not only George’s hopes that have been terminated, but Candy’s as well.

He will no longer be buying the farm and living the better life they had always dreamt about. This means Candy has nothing – again, and is to continue his life on the ranch with no future. In a way Curley’s dream is ruined, but not as dramatically as George, Lennie’s and Candy’s. Curley wanted to be boxer and fight bigger me. From the beginning had a grudge against Lennie “He hated big guys, and was all the time picking scraps with big guys. ” This was Curley’s chance – he wanted to murder a big guy. “I’m gonna shoot the guts outta that big bastard myself. I’m gonna get him.

” Curley was far too interested in murdering Lennie, for he wouldn’t stay with his dead wife. This shows his pride and “tough guy” appearance is more important to him. Another them in “Of Mice and Men” is the isolation and solitude which each character endures. The hopes and dreams are a desperate escape from the everyday sufferings, which is important because it makes the reader realise what real people had to sustain during the American Depression. It gives an understanding of how unbearable peoples lives were, and however hard they hoped and dreamt, the best laid schemes would bring nothing but grief and pain.

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