The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Full-Day Kindergartens

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When the children reach the age of going to school, the parent's prior concern will be choosing the category of the school. Whether they want to go to the full-day and a half-day kindergarten, the choice might affect the future growth of their children's life. From my perspective, choosing a full-day kindergarten for the children will be more advantageous than sending children to half-day. The kindergarten will have the advantage of increased instructional time; the kindergarten will cultivate their social competence; the kindergarten will assist the working-class family to extend care for their children.

Academic Advantages

Even though the full-day school has been widely popularized, but still have some people believe that it is not a good option for the children; including my grandfather, who used to be vice-president at one of the universities in Shanghai. 'Full-time schools deprive children of the best time to spend with their families and most desirable time explore the world' (that is the sentence my grandfather said when we were facing and discussing the same question for me).

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He was excessively stubborn to send me to the half-school. However, in 1982, academic research was contrasting half-day and full-day kindergarten students. Full-day programs students demonstrate substantial academic advantages much better a year after the kindergarten experience. They eventually noticed that full-day students performed half-day students in every subject with no significant disadvantageous effects. Full-day kindergarten not just provides 'the gift of time,' also offers additional time for teaching and evaluation. The teacher can devote to a more relaxed classroom atmosphere; they do not need rushing for teaching progress due to less stress.

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In addition, a team of researchers who are coming from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto has tracked almost 600 children through the primary grades. They noticed that full-day kindergarten learners were showed significant gains in self-regulation, which includes the ability to focus, follow instructions, and co-operate with peers. Due to they have more 'the gift of the time' to enable the teacher to evaluate further and teaching effectively and precisely. The school can sufficiently utilize the full day time to advance children's capability to study. Cultivating learning ability is like planting trees. You need to plant seeds long ago, to water and to fertilize them every day, year after year, doing this daily, and ultimately you will harvesting a tree one day.

Social Skills

"Do these kids know how to cope with others when they enter high-level school?" That is the same question to my grandfather when he wants me to attend a half-day school. Indeed, the half-day school does not have abundant time to give the teacher training children this aspect of social ability. However, in the opposite, Full-day kindergarten students can demonstrate impressive gains in socialization and even stronger learning skills. One inquiry found that full-day kindergarten students displayed higher conduct by playing nicely, working well with others, demonstrating self-confidence, and obeying playground rules. they also show improved emotional and behavioral development, creating an environment where they can flourish socially. Furthermore, another research analyzing half-day and full-day kindergarten suggests that it proffers full-day kindergarten more developmental sense to children as part of an early learning sequence. They believe that this devoted to higher academic achievement in following grades, reducing retention and remediation rates. undoubtedly, kids do not know how to deal with people; however, we teach and cultivate the ability of socialization, they will handle relationships with others appropriately, perhaps, they will have a robust social network in the prospect.

Convenience and Practicality

The kindergarten is able to offer working-class family children a "shelter", By shelter, where It keeps kids away from criminals and places that keep them secured, to avoid some potential unpredictable accident. Extended childcare is essential for many families nowadays. Besides the aspect of education, the full-day of kindergarten offers convenience and practicality for full-day children. For wage-earning families with relatively proper budgets, providing free care to their children during busy work without having to pay extra fees may be preferred for them. In 2013, the national union address, President Barack Obama mentions that children are our nation's future leaders, innovators and workforce. He thinks that children determine the future destiny of our country. childcare would also throw raft to families across America that are struggling to their life budget, they like to stay afloat in storm and how much going to cost them after they have been rescued, lacking work to provide care, or sending their children.' He thinks that children lead the torch of the future destiny of the country. He determined to make this one of his administration's priorities. Although full-day kindergarten is an antidote to every parent or student's questions; however, they look after their children offer to convince their parents as much as they can. They can concentrate on their work without any anxiety about their children.

Losing the Sense of Family

My grandfather strongly against that everybody should send their children to full-day kindergarten literally across his whole life, he thinks that full-day would make the children unrealized the significant of the family. Indeed, it is possible some of the people who used to be my classmates think that the family is not essential in their life because their parents did not accompany him when they are in childhood. When l was in kindergarten-aged, my parents were working in a Japanese company. Working overtime every day is quite common in Japanese companies, so my grandparents accompany with me for the most part of my childhood time. l realized the sense of the family until my parents quit the job when l was five years old. Furthermore, research from the University of Illinois found that when families regularly spent time together, going on nature hikes – they better as a family. The study suggests that time together enables families to better read social cues, which even less sense of irritable and more in control. Certainly, the full-day kindergarten will make children might lost the sense of family. However, the full-day kindergarten still have many advantages from many aspects of their future.


In conclusion, the full-day will provide a more comprehensive environment for their children. They have a chance to a person of huge value to society. They have a good foundation of learning capability, they know how to deal with other people properly. Even though full-day kindergarten still has a disadvantage for their growing, however, it is still worth to sacrifice the time with parents turn into a better person. l strongly recommend that we should send the children to the full-day garten will be much worth than sending them to half-day kindergarten.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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