The Acting Movie Reflection

There’s a lot more going on in acting than what is shown in film and theater. Often in life, we try to hide our darkness and vulnerability. In acting, this is accepted and the actor accept and embraces what it conveys. Actors are really putting themselves in the shoes of the character and their reactions are real to the imaginary circumstances. In order to portray a believable role in a movie, actors in film must connect to their character by using different methods.

It takes talent, dedication, humility and lots of practice to become an actor. Regarding the movie clip reflection named, “Top 10 acting debuts in film”, watchmojo provided a list of the top ten acting debuts in film.

In each of the short clip shown, I learned that each of the corresponding actor’s first breakout role was in a movie made for theaters. Chapter 4 “Acting” in the textbook “Movies and Meaning an Introduction to Film” by Stephen Price states that “motion picture actors tend to fall in three categories” known as stars, supporting players and extras.

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Each of the actors named in the movie clip had no feature film experience prior to their breakout performance in full-length movie hits. The roles that the actors portrayed when they auditioned, the emotions shown, and delivery of an honest performance is what led them to get chosen by the casting director.

Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. It means that reactions and feelings are not being faked. Imagination is used to trigger the creation or the feeling.

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In a film, actors must be able to connect with their character in order to portray a believable role in a movie. To be able to create a character, the textbook states that “film actors today tend to use a blend of method and technical approaches”. The method approach involves portraying emotions such as anxiety and sadness just to name a few. The actor has to search within themselves through their personal experience with these kinds of feelings to be able to portray the character that is needed. In contrast, the technical approach is based not on a personal emotion memory but on creating a character by performing the behavior and dialogue called for in a scene. An actor must be able to incorporate realistic body language such as posture, and different gestures as well as through facial expressions in a movie.

In conclusion, all good actors strive to fulfill the dramatic function of their role in an engaging truthful and skillful way that is relevant and useful to the audience within the demands of the particular performance. The actor’s in each of the clips shown in the top 10 acting debuts in film portray various emotional display of the character. Actors have to work hard in order to make the audience connect with a movie. In watching the short movie clip by watchmojo and reading chapter 4 of the textbook I learned that it takes lots of hard work to become an actor, thus sometimes there is no experience needed in order to land a role in a movie. Each of the short movie clips has a combination of creativity, originality, character portrayal, effect works, performance, emotions and element of visual designs. The craft of acting is a high form of communication and a universal form of human behavior.


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