Tet holiday Essay

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Tet holiday

Tet Holiday
In Vietnam, there are many festivals in a year such as Double Five festival, Mid-autumn festival, etc. Among them, the Luna New Year is the most important and popular holiday in these traditional festivals. This is a transitional period between old year and new year; is a occasion for everyone to commemorate ancestors, pilgrims and family reunions. Therefore, Vietnamese people need make a good preparation to welcome the New Year festival.

Preparation often begins a week before the actual celebration. At that time, everyone is busy buying some necessary items such as clothes, food, shoes, etc. In spring flowers market, people go to visit and choose their most satisfied flower pots. Peach blossom, kumquat, yellow daisy, apricot blossom, etc are flowers which are used to decorating in the traditional festival. Moreover, food is gotten ready; the traditional dishes get ready: square glutinous rice cake, pickled welsh onion, pie, chicken, spring roll and these confectioneries such as ginger jam, sugar-preserved lotus seeds, sweet, cake, etc. Everybody often cleans and decorates their house; their ancestral altar is tidied up. Vietnamese families have a tray of five fruits on their altar called five – fruits tray, including banana, orange, kumquat, pomelo and chili; each of which conveys a different meaning and is symbolic of happiness, luckiness, richness. The atmosphere of this festival is coming and people are animatedly to welcome spring time.

On the last day of the year, preparation for new year is completed. Families have a New Year’s Eve supper together and expect the New Year’s Eve. At the mid-night, everyone performs ritual offerings to the ancestor on New Year’s Eve. Then, they flock to pagoda to burn incense and to pick buds. As they want to bring luckiness for their family. After that, almost people often go to bed and hope their family will be many fun and luckiness in the New Year.

The first day of Tet is reserved for nuclear family. Children receive a red envelop containing money from their elders. Then, these families often warmly greet the first person enter their house. This act is called “ First – food”, which is one of the most important rituals during festival, During subsequent days, people visit relatives, friends and give these close relatives the traditional Tet greetings. This is a lucky, healthy, happy wish such as: “wish you a happy new year”, “wish you in security and good healthy”, etc. Traditionally but strictly, the first day of Tet is usually reserved for parents; the second day is for relatives and the third day is for teachers, who command respect in Vietnam. These others days, people are delighted to enjoy exciting games such as buffalo fight, chess, cock fight, etc. When the festival ends, people return their works, their study. However, these welcoming spring activities continue happening.

Luna New Year is the most important festival for Vietnamese people. These are funny and happy days that people prepare and welcome new year together. In addition, it is a wonderful occasion for Vietnamese families to reunite and remember their ancestors.

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