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TESOL: What Are Your Overall Goals for Taking This Course?

What are your overall goals for taking this TESOL Teaching Certificate Course? Are these goals professional, personal, or perhaps both? Specifically, what do you expect to learn in the course and how do you plan to use this knowledge once you receive your TESOL certification? One of my overall goals is to travel around the world teaching English because while doing this I would have the chance to have a free reign of independence and also have the ability to go and see the world, understand it and learn from it.

I have already taken a Teaching course before and I learned a lot of important things but there are more of them to take into consideration too; I want to keep studying because I think you never stop learning; I want to become a better teacher and at the same time a better person and I personally believe that I would learn a lot by teaching in different places because I would be able to see the world from a different perspective plus I would learn different costumes.

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I want to learn new ways to engage and motivate my students to learn the language in a way where they can understand and at the same time enjoy the class, I have had really bad experiences with my teachers in high school that is why I do not want to stick my class in just one way and be that boring teacher whom is hated by the students because he/she only reads and gives homework.

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While taking this course I expect to learn new ideas on how to teach, how to apply these ideas and how to solve different problems that usually happen in a classroom.

I also expect to be a little bit more independent since this is the first time that I won’t have a teacher telling me what to do, I would have to stick to this course, study and do my best. When finished this course I am planning to go to India and teach English there, it would be an amazing adventure for me to teach in a place that is not my country and also in a place where people do not speak my mother tongue which is Spanish. I have a friend who has been teaching English overseas and I feel like I want to experience that too.

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