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Technological Development in Human Life

We live in the twenty-first century in which the world is at our fingertips. Technology as our accessory, wrapped as a digital medium it ships, craved as our everyday necessity. Almost everything I see and use is made by technology. It is very evident that technology today has advanced and how technology has affected and is still affecting our lives. Technological developments have not only affected my relationships between people and my lifestyle but also plays an important role in the industries of business, transportation, education, agriculture, and etc.

The changes are very noticeable. Technology may be even faster and more accurate than people in different fields. What may have taken a couple of hours to accomplish can now be finished within a span of minutes. Because we can access information in a click, less of traditional ways are in demand.

I cannot deny the fact that through technological developments, our lives became more convenient. It became easier and simpler. Until a few years ago, I didn’t think that there would come a time where machines would be replacing humans.

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The works of people are now done by machines. Robert Goldman mentioned in his post that 70 percent of the jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. I think that this may really be possible and that man would have no place in the workforce. In the automotive industry, some companies are trying to create autonomous cars, also called self-driving cars. In the agriculture industry, machines do the work that farmers used to perform.

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According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), today’s agriculture uses robots, temperature and moisture sensors, and even GPS technology to allow businesses to be more efficient, safer, and more profitable. Today, gadgets and virtual classrooms are used in schools for education. Sending and receiving of files so quick, capturing trendiness it succeeded forming a world of gadgets in a flick. After reading the post of Robert Goldman, I have realized again that the advancement of technology should not be taken lightly. Technology can provide satisfaction and enhance our living standards but it shouldn’t serve as a replacement of humans.

Technological developments will continue but can we let it remain just as a friendly instruction? Or everything designed in automation, would we be lured into a sweet destruction of mankind. I hope many people would be able to read the post and that this would serve as a call for awaking people’s realization for us and for the future generation.

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