Assessing the Impact of Vision and Strategy on Team Practice

Please see attached activities sheet for this section

Evaluate how the vision and strategic direction of the team influences team practice A vision and strategic direction can influence team practice by ensuring that there is a purpose for their hard work as well as a purpose to help and support the needs of the residents and the organisation. The vision can be influenced by the following:

Mission statement:

A mission statement enables the organisation to set a vision for the staff and others.

It aims are to give a guideline of what is expected from the staff as well as the principles behind their work within Values in care. It also enables staff to have a clear message of what their purpose is within the company. It also provides staff with objectives, in enabling them to support and encourage residents in developing and maintaining life skills. This encourages the team by letting them know what is expected off them, along with the job description it sends out a clear message of what is expected when working at the old vicarage.

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It also gives the staff team a purpose as well as encouragement to set goals and objectives as set out in the statement.


Excellent communication within the team can ensure vision and strategic direction is achieved. This can influence staff by ensuring that they feel valued as well as have an input into decision making i.e. team meeting. Good communication procedures such as communication book, open door policies and consistency supervisions can lead to positive influences within the team.

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Consistent team meeting will enable staff to have their input in the direction of the old vicarage, they will also be able to have their input into the residents care package as well as an opportunity to introduce any activities which may help in developing the residents needs and skills. This influences staff by giving them an input into the residents they support and a plan that they all agree with. Without having an input of the staff it may start a negative approach and staff may feel reluctant to want to complete an activity with a resident therefore by having their input it may potentially increase confidence motivation and inspire them to make more wise and appropriate decisions.

Good leader ship communication can also lead to positive influences, letting staff no what is expected of them during the shift as well as at the beginning. Talking to staff, outline a clear action plan for the day or a shift planner to let staff no what is expected off them whilst on shift. Encouragement and participation of decision making can also create a positive culture in the team as well as positive influences within the team. By encouraging staff to make decisions it will enable staff to have the confidence in making difficult decisions when challenging incidents occur. Excellent supervisions with the team to ensure that their needs are meet as well as the residents, ensure the staff are given targets and objectives and continuously monitor and evaluate their goals on a 6 to 8 week bases.

Staff also need encouragement and support to complete task as well as acknowledgement of their developmental needs. I.e. if a staff wishes to complete their qcf then the supervisor will require to follow this up and give an outcome. Also prior to a supervision a contract can be made to outline the responsibility of the staff and manager. This can influence the team by ensuring their opinions are valued by the manager as well as having the confident to communicate with the senior team. Inspire the company’s vision to the team.

By having a management team who has the motivation to progress and to share the same values as the company can aid in influencing the team vision. This is because managers who are keen in ensuring that there are policies in place as well as each care plan is tailored around the residents as well as ensuring there is a structure in place can aid in maintaining smooth running off the business. i.e. if we have a manager who leads by example it is more likely that the staff will follow suit, it will also encourage staff to think on their own two feet as well as give the manager the confidents to let staff complete tasks on time and efficiently. By having a good inspired team who knows exactly what it expected off them they are more likely to share the same values and efforts shared by the vision off the company. Inspiring staff by correct training, support and a good structure can lead to motivation, good support and care, good communication amongst the team management and head office. It also provides positive direction as well as potential operational development. 4.2

Analyse how the skills, interests and expertise within the team can meet agreed objectives.


Having a staff team who have the same skills and interests can hinder the effectiveness of the team, this is because we are all individuals therefore by having individuals whom are good at certain tasks can ensure that the running the business as well as objectives are met by the right staff members. Skills can also meet objectives by ensuring that the functional goals are given to those staff members who skills are best suit. I.e. my functional role involves medication, archiving and weekly and monthly archiving this best suits me because one off my skills enables me to be organized which in effect meets objectives by ensuring I keep up with the paper work. However as I am not on shift all the time it is difficult to complete the work, there for can involve staff with the similar skill in helping me complete my monthly work. This promotes team work within the team as well as encourage the team to have a responsibility and feel included in maintain the business needs.

We can also meet above objectives by giving staff the opportunity to have an input into what functional roles they may want to do. This can be agreed through team work and supervisions, allowing staff to have an opportunity whether they feel comfortable with the functional role i.e. if we do not give staff a choice then they may feel uncomfortable and may not complete the work needed to be done therefore hindering the development of the organisation.

However if a staff member want to do a functional role but does not have the confidents then a manager of team leader can coach the staff in ensuring that they feel comfortable before they are left alone to do the functional role. Therefore we can ensure agreement by having a chart to ensure all knows exactly what their role is within the team. We can also get staff to read their role and sign as well as to ensure that it is put into their supervision monitored and followed up over time on agreed objectives.


We can meet objectives by working as a team to review and encounter any issues as a team.


Reviews have a wide range of individuals, which include professionals, family members, support worker, manager, clinical director and social worker. All of above despite their role within care can work together to create a plan which is effective and is right for the service users. This is because they all have different skills as well as interests which they can apply in overcoming issues or adapting the care plan. This is important when in a review because of our nature of our job, we require to make decisions on expertise and experience of when working with the service users to make the plan. i.e. if there was an issue regards to behavioural issues the staff present at the meeting will be able to give their input on what has happened during the incident as well has give their input in the skills that they have used to prevent the incident, this then gives the professionals such as behavioural speciality, gp and social worker information in what action to take as well as provide appropriate support in managing the behaviour. This enable professional to work alongside support staff, by valuing their thoughts and feeling on how the residents should be supported as the staff are the ones who work with the residents on a daily bases.


Explain how team members are managed when performance does not meet requirements.

There are several policy avenues in this circumstance to manage performance. There is a performance management policy as well as the PDP personal development file which makes reference to probationary periods and the interview at 6 months with line managers when you are confirmed in post; or not as the case maybe. Also supervision policy as normally, areas of performance that are not satisfactory are recorded and carried forward as a corrective action plan for improvement.

Ultimately, if performance management against the policy and supervision as a supportive means to corrective action don’t work, we move onto the disciplinary and appeals procedure. There are four stages with the initial one being a verbal warning and the fourth stage being dismissal. In terms of performance management, good managers use the disciplinary process as a progressive means to corrective performance when softer means supervision has not worked. Essentially you can look at it as three warnings to improve a specific area before we part Company. In that regard all above should be seen as a positive tool. The only time it can be misinterpreted as a negative and punitive means is when it is used to jump straight to dismissal for minor offences.

It is the performance Management policy which outlines the guidelines if staff do not meet the requirements. During the first six months of the employees induction staff will need to complete a portfolio which will be reviewed and completed during their probation. It is my duty and my line manager to ensure that we schedule supervisions within the six to eight week period. During probation staff will have support in areas of development that may be needed, if staff require extra support then this could mean the probation period being extended for a period of time. If these required areas of development are not realised, probation can be failed at any time resulting in the termination of employment, however this is the last resort. Procedures for supervision, appraisal and review meetings

Practice guidance:

Supervisions, appraisal and review are imperative part of good management and essential part of a service which provides outcomes. All staff regardless of their level training or experience have the right to appropriate supervision. This enables manager to identify development needs for the staff member. Manager must ensure that they outline any issues or development needs and create a clear strategic plan in order to develop the staff member, managers should identify and plan key objectives and follow up supervisions to monitor the goals and objectives required. When conducting a supervision there must be a clear distinction between supervision and disciplinary proceedings and check made that all parties are aware. Staff are entitled up to 9months of probation and if they do not meet expectations then prior warning will be given in accordance to the disciplinary and appeals procedure.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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