Teachers play an essential role in children's social cultural

Teachers play an essential role in children’s social, cultural and economic development. They transmit and execute values that develop their creative thinking and interests. In the last decade, women have made a significant advancement in adapting the education sector as their field of career. This is due to the fact that women educators provide nurturing care in their pedagogical practices. Also, because they are biologically engineered by the universe to be better at raising young children. Moreover, women multi-tasking skills make them a strong fit in the educational setting as they do it from an early age at home while doing household works.

Being empathetic is associated with the capability to comprehend children’s emotions, such as emotional recognition, emotion contagion, and emotional intelligence along with the ability to understand the internal state of them through observation and actions. Women have got this natural empathetic mindset where they can understand the personal and emotional trait of children’s brain and living.

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This is proved by research where it was suggested that women’s mind have stronger signal strength. It’s because of Mirror neurons among women as these cells get fired up during the execution and observation of action.

Women empathetic intelligence also prepares the children in learning of becoming a leader. These leadership qualities of the teacher in helping the children to learn, lead and care for those around them makes them a better stronger person. This also strengthens the bond between an educator and a child making it easier to coordinate, understand and value their own self and the other one.

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In the longer walks of life, empathetic attitude makes these children perform positively in their job careers and understand the feelings of the others making it a big success.

Another reason for women being better educators is their incredible patience due to empathic thinking when implementing any pedagogical practice. This thinking is highly valuable in creating trust, insight into what the child might be feeling, aiding to know why a child is reacting in a particular way in any situation and able to respond with informed decisions of leadership qualities. So, an emphateic women educator knows that each child has got diverse learning abilities in different areas of education. She is willing to educate these diverse group of learners through different kind of activities according to their behaviour to ensure that they learn the concepts of their respective subjects. She achieves this by using her knowledge, experiences and critical thinking to improve children’s learning in a subtle, but important ways.

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Teachers play an essential role in children's social cultural

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