Taking Risks for the Benefit of Art in Tara Anderson's For Peter Pan

Theatre, to me, is all about taking risks for the good of art While reading Tara Anderson’s article about For Peter Pan on her 70"y Birthday and witnessing an account of the plays ups and downs, it was clear to me that the people involved shared a similar belief to mine This playibeing a devised piece honoring the seventy-year—old actress who originally played Peter Pan—takes nearly every risk in the back From lighthearted and funny challenges like figuring out how to pretend to be ten feet in the air without a fly rail during rehearsals (Anderson 34) to more serious and intense issues like a pirate ship having trouble with liftoff.

For Peter Pan does not shy away from being adventurous and bold. One moment in panicular from the article that drew my attention was when the director mentions the decision to make the second movement of the three—part performance “intentionally uneventful”. The desired outcome was to subvert the cliche’ of the family drama in which fights break out and/or secrets are revealed By the end of this segment, none of those hackneyed plot points occur and, reasonably, it was met with mixed reviews.

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In For Peter Pan, this revelation doesn’t occurs “in Ruhl’s play, ‘It doesn’t—it deliberately doesn’t,”. This was met with people who thought that part dragged, and some who thought overall the play had strange mood and pacing Others, on the other hand, found the play “superb” (3S) and a hit, even causing some to leave the theatres in tears.

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Such is the outcome of taking risks with art—something i respect immenselyi Any piece of theatre that breaks the mold and tries for greatness is admirable, which makes theatre a fulfilling atmosphere of risk and reward.

Updated: Jul 20, 2022
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Taking Risks for the Benefit of Art in Tara Anderson's For Peter Pan essay
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