Summary of Excerpt from Peter Pan Play

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Captain Hook stayed behind. He was to put poison in Peter’s medicine. Peter would die from drinking this poison. It was deadly. But when it came to Peter drinking the medicine, it was not to be. By the time it came for Peter to take his medicine, the captain along with the lost boys, Wendy and her brothers were back at the ship. Wendy along with the others was being threatened with the plank. Each knew that their only hope of life was Peter.

But he knew nothing of their situation. But Tink did. Tink did not want to see the lost boys get hurt, and after seeing how happy Wendy made Peter, he did not want her to get hurt either. So Tink flew to the home under the ground as fast as he could. He did not want to be too late. But when he arrived at his destination he found Peter about to drink the poison. Tink sped over to him and forced the beaker from Peter’s mouth.

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“Tink? What are you doing? Why are you here?” he asked, even though he did something terrible, Peter did miss Tink, he had always been there for him, Tink would never leave him. Not like Wendy had done. Tink told Peter not to drink the medicine but Peter just thought Tink was being foolish and naive. But when Peter raised the beaker to his lips once more, Tink got there first and drunk the deadly poison himself. Peter was angry, but that soon changed to anxiousness, as Tink was no longer flying, but collapsing onto the table.

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His bright light like a star was flickering and slowly goin out.

“Tink what’s wrong?…..Tink?…Tink?” Peter picked Tink up and held him in the palms of his hands. “Why is your light going out? Tink……oh Tink, you were right it was poison, you drunk it for me!” Peter was getting more and more upset by the second. He did not want Tink to die, especially for him as he had been so harsh on him. He needed Tink, especially as Wendy had now left him. Tink’s light got weaker and weaker, until it faded completely.

Peter’s emotions were spiralling out of control. His love for Wendy, his love for Tink. All the people he cared about were leaving him, one by one. But not if he could help it. He knew of the way fairies could die, maybe if he did the opposite. “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do. I do believe in fairies, I do, I do” he began chanting. “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.” He continued. He repeated and repeated the line over and over and over again.

On the pirate ship meanwhile, Wendy was being interrogated by the captain. She was being asked various questions about Peter and why he is the way he is. She refused to answer. She would not tell them what the Peter she knew inside was like, deep and understanding, emotional and a heart of gold. She wondered what he was doing now. Probably still sulking in the home under the ground.

However Peter was still chanting his line, but unknown to him, his chant had spread to the world, children everywhere were chanting “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do. I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.” The power of this chant stirred Tink, suddenly Peter stopped chanting, and so did the rest of the world. Tink was alive! Peter and Tink, both happy beyond words flew to the pirate ship to have the last battle with Hook and the pirates. Peter didn’t care whether or not they won anymore. All he cared about was that Wendy was safe. However they were too late, Wendy was already walking the plank. The pirates were pushing her forward, and she could do nothing to stop them.

But Peter was ready as ever with a plan. He would catch her as she fell from the plank before she hit the ocean. He gracefully caught her, causing the crew and the captain utter confusion. Peter and Wendy landed on the deck, and poised themselves ready for battle. Wendy quickly ran into the cabin and grabbed as many weapons as she could for the boys as Peter released them from their binds. They all ran to join Wendy in the cabin. Once the captain and the crew had got over the confusion of Wendy, they turned to find Peter Pan on the deck.

“You’re dead!” exclaimed the captain! Then Wendy and the boys emerged from the cabin. “So you want a battle?” Peter gave a smug smile and raised his sword ready for combat. The captain didn’t need an invitation. They began their fight as the others watched in awe. But the boys and the pirates both wanted their own battles, so paired off for a magnificent fight. But none was like Peter and the captains. Peter was becoming weak, but when he saw Wendy and how happy she was, it gave him a new boost of energy. He was going to win this. Not for himself but for her. He slashed and slashed at the captain until the captain dropped her sword and surrendered on the deck, dragging herself up to the mast.

“Please don’t kill me Peter” she pleaded. But Peter had better ideas. He made a high pitched whistle, and within ten seconds of silence, a loud barking of a dog could be heard, it was the crocodile. The crocodile had swallowed a dog many years ago along with the captain’s hand, and now when you hear the dog, you know that the crocodile is nearby. “NO! NO! Anything but that!” the captain screamed, but she was not going to get her wish. Peter and the lost boys made each of the pirates walk the plank, until at last it was just the captain who remained. Peter stood at the end of the plank, ushering the captain along with his sword. This was sweet revenge, Peter glanced at Wendy who was gazing at him with love. He stamped down hard on the plank, causing the captain to fall. That was the end of captain hook.

The crocodile sank back into the ocean, it was clear that it was never going to resurface. It had gotten what it wanted. “Well the war is won. We shall sail at dawn” Peter said, a smug grin stretching across his face. “Where to Peter?” asked nibs excitedly. “Can you take us home Peter?” Wendy interrupted pleadingly. “To London” he said unwillingly.

The children touched their feet down onto the soft carpet of their nursery. Each looked around, memories flooding back to them, realising how much that had actually missed home, and all the things that come with it. Parents, care, kindness and most of all love. As soon as the Darling children called for their parents, they were there. They had been awaiting the sounds of their children’s voices for so long, they were alert at the first sound. Mr and Mrs Darling ran into the nursery, each flinging their arms around each of the children disbelieving the sight of their children. Peter watched the joyful scene with sadness. The one thing that he wanted most in the world, was something that he must be forever barred. At last he drew himself away from the window, and began the flight home, but one person was aware of his departure. She raced to the window and called out his name.

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