Surreal vs. Real Life

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Every normal human at one point in their life wishes and dreams of, and even craves the existence of a utopia, a surreal life. All (all as in reference to human beings, with a mature level of thinking) want a life that offers more of an upward stability compared to a current state of being, which in some aspect may be lacking. Where an ideal life may not include any troubles found today, and offers the cliche of clouds with a silver lining, real life includes not only troubles but also so much more, which provides many nameable contrasts between the two.

In one world there is sunshine all year round, in the other a grossly challenging variety, often not wanting to be faced.

In the "perfect" life, there is happiness and freedom from worry and hardships. Heaven on earth, long thought over and sought by many, a truly tempting "mouth watering" alteration of our existence that is so wanted, yet completely out of reach.

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Everyone's daydream is comforting to dream, take them to this imaginary place where every home is of equal value, every car is built by the same manufacturer, and every family has the same number of children, and includes pets. This is where it never rains on game day, or on anyone's parade. It's also the seemingly perfect place, sound economically as well as politically. A dream come true, for most, with an almost euphoric peace of mind. A world where it is safe to unlock your doors, take the bars off your windows, never fears that your car parked on the street will in some way be damaged, and go a walk well after dark.

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Children can play outside without fear of being viscously attacked, even by the neighbor's dog.

Where everything that does happens, happens for a reason, but is always beneficial. Everything is just as it should be, because another way would be unknown. All living things are never without, never wanting, never needy. There would be no competition to out do one another; no two people standing in opposite corners waiting to battle over who has greater stamina, or more power; everyone is equal. People are courteous and respectful, and have no reason for malice or greed. Grief and suffering over the loss of something, of someone, would never come, for in a utopia, there is no death, or even days filled with gloom. As a matter of fact there is nothing, and life such as this is typical for this world from our point of view, but expected, and appreciated.

Now the dream crushing normalcy, or life as we know it. Without a shadow of a doubt, life is not perfect no matter how outward appearances may seem. What is shown on the outside may be a shield to hide the turmoil within. Actors or actresses, singers, millionaires and even royalty encounter problems that they must face, and conquer just the same as the middle and lower class. Real life offers two extremes; overwhelming joy such as the birth of a baby; a marriage; a gathering of loved ones for a special celebration, and horrendous sorrow like death, loss of love, or any other unforeseen tragedy. With low-lying mediums where the day isn't any better, or isn't any worse then the preceding or possibly the following. Life brings trials and tribulations, which assist us in snapping back into the harsh reality of every day.

Even the short spurts of good luck granted to us, the lost souls, are more of a burden then a pleasure, for we all know that one day all good things must come to an end. Happiness, the only comparison between real and the surreal, is merely a rock compared to the mountain of pain. Terrorist attacks, death, famine, destruction, starvation, murder, drug abuse, suicide, broken homes, just to name a few, would be a fictional horror stories told by campfire, and would never occur in the utopian world, which is why they are so different.

Contrasting the surreal and the norm is like contrasting night and day. Think about it. In a utopian world everybody would literally be free of the shackles of normal life. Whereas in our lives, people are imprisoned for violent crimes committed and the masses are in a constant state of fear. Now not to be completely one sided, a surreal life and our everyday life have in common, a handful of things. We are not here to discuss the likeness, but the enormous range of differences that make a fairly tale life so desirable. Life grants everyone opportunities, but in return we must give up something, i.e., friends, family, that special someone, ECT, so either way we are, in a sense, constantly unhappiness. In a utopia we could have both. Actually we could have it all. This brings me to a question. Who would want to live in a world where everything is perfect, in a constant state of contentment? There would never be any excitement; from a natural perspective life would be dull; boring.

One must admit if given the choice to live in a "perfect world" described as a black and white movie or a fiction novel, or to live in a world filled with color, the choice would be carefully thought and not made in haste, and all pros and cons would be heavily weighed. Why, because the decision to live within or on a flat plane with no peaks and valleys, versus the "spice" if you will of reality would be difficult for some, for even though the challenge may be unwanted, there would be curiosity as to what will happen, and that is exciting. Given all aspects, most would choose to live in the world we currently inhabit, despite the drama, devastation, or glory we are never sure as to what we are going hear, of whiteness, from one day to the next, whether it is good or bad and with that we truly experience life. While it may not always be taken accordingly, it is fulfilling in all ways.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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