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Commercial Analysis

Coca Cola’s “Brotherly Love” Super Bowl Commercial is advertising the Coca-Cola product while using a love-hate sibling relationship. Despite fighting in the beginning, it shows that the company is not just about selling pop, but about relationship and family. In this, Coca Cola commercial, the main characters are two brothers, exploring a story about love and conflict, and how the older brother consistently bullies his younger brother. To enforce the brand and sell the company’s product the traditional Coca Cola bottle is seen throughout the commercial so that it is instantly recognizable to the audience of what it is selling.

We can conclude time is summer and hot weather. This is because they wear short sleeves and in the park scene, we can see that they sweat. The Coca-Cola Company tries to show that Coca Cola is always a part of daily life by using two normal boys’ lives. They also want to suggest that Coca Cola is a warm product that connects people together.

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Item # 1 Setting, Place and Time:

Three of the first four scenes is at home. One outside in the rain. The last scene, they are in a park. All the places are relatively familiar with our daily life. It is summery hot weather This is because they wear short sleeves and in the park scene, we can see that they sweat. The two brothers’ identities are students then there are several scenes such as playing games, their way home after school. As advertiser is promoting Coca Cola, it is appearing in the scenes continually around the two brothers.

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Item #2 Music:

Music is an essential part of advertising. Avicii’s ‘Hey Brother’ has been used in this commercial. It is a softer version in order to create a happy and warm atmosphere. The music builds up the intensity of the advertisement as well as keeping the audience on the edge to wait and see what happens next. Noticeably, the sound (the song) is totally used in the commercial but there are still some sounds such as the sound of video games, the rain sound and the noise from the playground. The setting and music are relaxing and comfortable. Viewers cannot hear any conversation and sound is very little. We can only hear the sound such as when older hit younger’s cap when three boys run away and rain. In addition, lyrics is about trust between brother so the music is a very important element in this commercial.

Item # 3: Clothing, Lighting, and Color:

Natural light is used and as a whole yellow color which makes a warm atmosphere. At last, the scene when an old brother gets upset to three boys and the shot that three are surprised at him, we can see a shadow on them, and it gets a little darker. When younger brother drinks coca cola, it seems like the bottle is lighted up. Characters in this and wear a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and have phones, headphones, game. This style is similar to normal boys who can be found anywhere. The boy is wearing a red hat, a red and white striped shirt, and blue jeans. Ironically these are also the colors of the flag of the United States of America. This is assumed that because the main color of coca cola is red.

Item # 4 Cinematography:

The camerawork is a little crafty. The image is almost never in one position for an extensive period. The cinematography demonstrates how the brothers are always busy doing things but whenever they get the chance to agitate, they will do it. They display this with the quick movements when the elder brother teases the younger. The change in scenery parades the number of times the brother does this and it makes us a feel like he is a mean and horrible brother but then again at the end of the day the cinematography exhibits that the brother will always be there for his little brother. There is a lot of editing in this commercial. There are many cuts on almost every scene. When the elder brother protects the younger brother against those bullies there is a crucial cut in the scene between him giving his younger brother his coke back and him tapping it so that he spills it on himself. Older brother, younger brother and three boys who bully younger brother are the characters in the advertisement. The older brother is a hero who saves his young brother. They are the main characters of this commercial and shows us their love. As rogues, there are three boys who bully younger brother. They look bigger than the younger brother which suggests that they are stronger than him.

The message is obviously brotherly love and that every time you need coke, won’t let you down just like the elder brother doesn’t let down the younger brother. This portrays what coca cola is all about, spreading the love. Coca Cola has made the advert to be entertaining as well as fulfilling to watch. The fact that in the end, a coke saves the boy from being bullied shows how Coca Cola has tried to display their product as being the helping hand when you need one and never something that will let you down

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