Sunset Boulevard - Anthony & Deidre Analysis

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Anthony & Deidre

“I didn’t default on the deal with Sam. I had never done anything like this before. I will find out who set me up and punish him as much as possible.” Gray said to the judge with total certainty and calmness. However, the judge Oliver who was famous for his greed among the judges obviously did not hear what he said. Currently, he was thinking about how to use the large amount of gold which he received as a bribe from Sam.

.. In this way, all the possessions of Gray, including his family’s freedom was mortgaged to Sam to pay off his unwarranted debts.

“Oh...” The tingling feeling from the roses woke Gray up from his memory. It made him recall his dead wife once more. Roses had been her favorite flower and his yard used to be full of roses. But at this moment, he was only a slave who was gardening in Sam’s giant garden.

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His white shirt was covered with sweat stains and his face was covered in dust. He used to be one of the richest people in the town, he used to enjoy the sunshine with his family at this time, he used to... He lost everything he had but ultimately, he realized who was attentive to him. Actually, he still had his son Francis and his loyal housekeeper Jork. He didn’t renounce finding the truth to prove that he was innocent. He desired to return to his usual life.

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Therefore, he was waiting for a chance to enter Sam’s office and finding the relevant evidence. Until then, he had to suffer from Sam’s humiliation, looking for the opportunity to be close to Sam’s office.

Contrary to his father Gray, Francis was a man with a spirit of struggle. He always wanted to give the slaves freedom and equality. He had a warm heart just like his mother. Hence, all the servants had a lot of respect for him. He dreamed that he could accomplish his mother’s unmet ambition, hoping that he could devote his life to a better future for the weak just as his great but unfortunate mother.

Although he was not a master anymore, he helped people around him as usual. He used his own money to treat the sick slaves secretly, he beat away the rich guys who tried to bully the little maid, he taught the servitors knowledge and made them comprehend notions such as freedom and justice. He painted them a beautiful world in which everyone deserved it. With his unremitting efforts, they finally had a sense of resistance. And because of his enthusiasm and sincerity, there were a lot of slaves who listened to his leadership.

At the same time, Sam did not stop oppressing his servants……

On an ordinary night, when Sam got up to go to the bathroom, he noticed that there was a light in the drawing-room. When he came over, he found that the candle was still burning on the dining table, but the maid was asleep with a big belly on the side. He was so angry that he kicked the maid awake. When he noticed that the maid was pregnant, he constantly strengthened his cursing and beating on her. He ignored her explanation and begging for mercy. He neglected the fact that she had worked twelve hours during the day before falling asleep mindlessly. The explanation from the maid even made he become more and more angry. In his own opinion, the servants were his own slaves, and they should work endlessly for him. They had no right to have children, and they were unworthy of enjoying the sweetness of life. The maid’s screaming filled the luxury villa. All the servants felt a great deal of pain but no one dared to come out……

Meanwhile,Jork delivered the news of the pregnant maid Jane to Francis while he was helping the sick people secretly. After hearing the bad news, Francis immediately crossed over the barriers, running to the maid as fast as he could. When he pushed open the door of Sam’s drawing-room, he saw that Jane was lying on the floor which was covered in blood. As the same time, Sam was full of disgust and commanded his bodyguard to throw the maid away and clean the floor immediately. Francis rushed forward with anger but he was stopped by Sam’s bodyguard. While Francis broke him free from two bodyguard’s restraint and hugged Jane in his arms, she was already out of breath. “It was two lives! How dare you did this cruel thing? You don’t deserve to be a person who is living in the world!” Francis roared to Sam.

In the meantime, Sam burst into laughter. “It’s only up to me! Because I am the world! And you are a poor hybrid, just like your crazy mother and your stupid father!”

Francis couldn’t bear him anymore, so he rushed in Sam’s direction and wrestled with him. Hearing the sound of fighting, all the servants gathered around them. Gray took advantage of this real chance and with the help of Jork, succeeded in sneaking into Sam’s room. However, at that time he didn’t know that his choice would affect his whole lifestyle in the future. Back in the drawing-room, the servants were foremost just watching the fighting, judging who would be the winner of this fight between Francis and Sam. Their apathy made Francis feel so cold. With the sense of disappointed and anger, he took up the exquisite candlestick which was still put on the gorgeous table, using his entire strength to broke through the blocking of bodyguards and rushed to Sam. Although he hit Sam’s head successfully, he was also pierced his lungs with a dagger by Sam. The blood which flowed down from his head made Sam more ferocious, therefore, he began to stab Francis madly with his dagger. At that moment, Francis was apparently no match for Sam and his bodyguards, although he didn’t want to abandon this chance. So, he used his last breath of strength, yelled that “Don’t be afraid of death, Jane and her child can’t die for nothing. It’s worth it to devote ourselves to give our generations a peaceful and beautiful future.” Accompanied by his words, he died in the hand of Sam voluntary. He knew that only his death can arouse the servants to resist. The truth was as his thought, staring at their benefactor dead in front of them, the warm memories flooding back to their minds, they eventually grasped to resist, but, it was too late……

They at length mastered Sam and his guards at the price of three cold corpses. When Gray came back, holding the evidence of the business deal, the sense of happiness gradually disappeared from his face. He didn’t even have time to say the last word to his son. In the crowed,he cried like a child next to Francis’s cold body. “He was so young, his golden eyes which just like the setting sun seemed still to be smiling at me...” he choked. That moment, that drawing-room was full of silence and tears.

“It’s time to finish……”

“It’s time to finish……”

“It’s time to finish……” Gray said in his heart.

After a week, with the help of the evidence, Oliver was cast out and became a beggar in the street. Obviously,no one would like to give him something to eat. Sam was sentenced to death, even though it was a decision that rich people had to make. Incredibly, after Gray regained all of his property, he disbanded all his servants, sold most of his possessions and distributed the money among them.

When all the things were finished, Gray stood on the sunset boulevard with Jork’s company. He was older and younger than ever before. He seemed to think of his wife and son. The setting sun was so bright, just like the birth of a new life. He stared motionless at the sky and told himself in silence that he can’t live like before anymore……

Updated: May 09, 2022
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