I awoke again with the beaming September sunset I looked at the

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I awoke again with the beaming September sunset. I looked at the sundial by my bedside and it appeared to be about half past ten. It has been three months since momma had first been gone. It's been dreadful. I've felt hopeless, and lonely without her. I clasped onto the worn down, paper-thin picture once more just before snatching my coat and rushing downstairs. I looked forward to visiting her. As I got downstairs, I was hoping for some breakfast this morning before heading out.

But there he sat, Grandpa, awakening the whole village with his raucous snores. It seemed as if it was part of my morning routine listening to him. I tapped gently on his shoulder. He awoke with a melancholy sigh. I could tell by his voice and the swelling in his eyes he had cried himself to sleep.

"Molly, my pumpkin!" he uttered.

"Sorry to wake you, do you know where I could find some oats?" he motioned to the cupboard above the ice box.

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I drug the heavy wooden chair over to where he motioned. It seemed to weigh a ton as I dragged it across the floor, but maybe it was because I was petite. I stepped upon the chair standing up on the tips of each of my toes, reaching toward the oats with my arms fully extended, just like every morning. I got to the oats and mishandled them as they bopped me on the head, and after picking up the bin full of flavorful honeysweet goodness, I grabbed the most gigantic dish I could find.

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Making sure to grab enough delights by the spoonful, I made sure I filled my whole mouth until there was nothing left.

After I finished eating, I made sure to grab my coat to hide me from the chilly wind, and headed out the door with flashbacks flying through my eyes. All of my favorite memories with Momma. I took a deep breath, trying to hold back the tears. I tried to stop my chin from quivering, but I couldn't hold anything else in. I gathered myself and looked at the enticing mountains with the delicate dandelions. The view seemed to impress me more every day. I rushed pass the "Do not Disturb" sign, stumbled over the grape vines, and skipped past a field of flowers once more. As I approached the woods, I carefully knelt down, crawling under a bend in a tree that had been cut down. I sat on the bark of the tree that had been cut down years ago, allowing the wind to dance and play with my hair. I could feel the wind yanking on the knots in my hair. Momma would have killed me if she saw my hair. As I sat on my perch I looked down at the gravesite before me. I carefully let my left foot down off the tree, following with my right being cautious not to fall. My legs failed me as I began to walk toward what I knew was laid before me, but I crawled on my little hands with my knees dragging behind me. Reaching my goal I put my soft, tender hands on her headstone. My knees had looked scraped from the rocks they were dragging beneath me, and I started to feel timorous, as I began to see nothing but white.

A long white dress wrapped in ruby appeared before my eyes. It had a shiny white ribbon with a shiny white knot tied in the front. I tried to stand up, but my knees gravitated to the leaves that settled on the dirt. And my hands, my hands were found collecting the tears that blinded my sight. As I glanced up and saw momma. It felt like centuries since I had seen her last. She was beautiful, and more at peace than ever. I don't think I had ever seen her this happy before. She knelt down with one knee on the ground, and her open arms closed around me with a tight hold. "These hands will guide you in the direction you need to go, and I will guide you myself, away from despair and all things evil. Oh, and before I forget, you better brush that hair of yours!" she spoke with a light hearted giggle. She looked at me, and told me I would see her again. She stood straight up. She seemed to tall. And with her arms spread out, her head tilted up, and her hair flying behind her, she rose like the waves,and vanished in the clouds. She looked like an angel, beautiful, and at peace. Her presence would have made anyone speechless. As the wind had settled down it began to get seemingly quiet, and before I knew it, I saw nothing but black, only this time I had a smile on my face.

The darkness faded away and the sun was beaming even brighter. Just after I sat up, I smiled, and then clasped onto the picture once more. I threw my blanket down as I pushed my slippers on my feet, and rushed down the stairs.

"Oh my pumpkin! I have to tell you about a dream I had, wonderful it was! " grandpa said ecstatic as he stood tall.

My prayers were finally answered. I just wanted to see her one more time. I guess it wasn't too much to ask because She would see me again, in my sweet dreams. And boy, did she make them sweeter than ever.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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I awoke again with the beaming September sunset I looked at the essay
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