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Summer Vacation Essay Examples

Essay on Summer Vacation

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Summer Vacation with My Family

After 2 months from relaxing my mind and body from stress I'm hoping for the best year as a senior since it's only 10 months that I'm staying at school. I am hoping that the summer vacation helps me to improve. I'm trying to be mature enough to face all the problems and stress that I will be experience in 10 months. I hope that this year will be start of facing my senior world as a strong student....

An Unforgettable Vacation

One of my fondest moments of this vacation, was going snorkeling with my entire family and finding tons of unique shells and seeing all the amazing sea life right in front of you. The most memorable moment was finding real live sandollars that was incredible, to be holding them in the palm of your hand feeling their gills brushing it with every breath, so amazingly unforgettable. This vacation rea...

My Summer Vacation in Dubai

Finally the trip just started, we went to Dubai mall,( the biggest mall ever!). We did some shopping and ate at This African themed restaurant it was real fun they sang and danced for us and after each sentence they talked with a click. We ordered an ox which sounds weird at first but wait till you taste it, it was amazing! After all that eating we walked the mall at least twice to burn all those ...

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My summer vacation

After a few days in America my dad took me to this place called the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. It looked really fun. all the rollercoaster the rides the beach it was just fantastic, we stayed there for the whole day. I went on this scary rollercoaster rides which were cool, the beach was really nice and it was a perfect place to spend time with my dad, and at the end of the day everything was just p...

Summer Vacation

Students also get a week off in November for American Thanksgiving, two weeks off for Christmas and New Year's, and one or two weeks in March or April for Spring Break. In some rare schools, students also get a week off in February for President's Day, a week off in October for Fall Break (usually the week of Columbus Day). In Uruguay, summer holidays usually begin in early December, and finish in...

A Summer With My Aunt

She will sit in her big house in a nice neighborhood, with a husband she dislikes, a job that makes good money, and rot because she does not know how to be content. That’s what I really want is to marry a man I love, give him beautiful children, and work at a job that I absolutely love; not a bunch of money with nothing to do with it. I can thank my aunt, though, for showing me how unhappy a per...

My Summer Vacation

With all these negatives about plastic "invading" our oceans you may be asking "What could we do to stop this?" well there are many things we could do starting with you. There are several ways to overcome these problems like reducing the use of plastic bags and law enforcement. One of the environmental impacts is a large amount of waste products are created during the production of plastics in the...

My summer vacation

Each day I go on a walk or bike ride, everyone is continuously speaking to you and have a word or two more to say. The locals are always walking around with a smile willing to engage in any way to help. In a nutshell, even though I only visit Dover during the summer therefore it is my favorite place to visit. For example, each day in the summer thought it is rather warm there is always a cool bree...

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