Summary of the The Cinderella Murder, A Suspenseful Detective Story

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Rosemary a very unlucky lady as she lost her daughter “Susan” when she was only 19 years old. She is very hardworking girl and want to be an actress. On her death day she called her mom that she had a meeting with frank parker the director of show held in her city. LAURIE a play writer wanted to solve this show as police was unable to find her murderer. Laurie met with her all friends, room mates and teachers. But she also faced many problems when she makes a show ‘The Cinderella murder’ a murder mystery of Susan.

But at end she was success to find a master mind murderer of Susan. On 7th may morning rosemary got a phone call that informed her daughter death. It was very hard time for rosemary as no mother wants to lose her daughter.

And the police insured that it was a murder, but police didn’t find her murderer in 20 years. So, Laurie, a news reporter decides to solve this murder case because she also lost her husband in early age.

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She planned to make a show of this MURDER CASE as a ‘THE CINDERELLA MURDER’. Laurie decided to meet frank parker first as he was the first suspect of Susan’s murder. Laurie and his collogues Britt Barley do a lot of Hard work to known about Susan’s murderer. She went to “Madison Meyer” Susan’s friend as she was selected to play lead role instead of Susan in frank parker’s show.

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She was also mad to be a star and she was married three times with singer, player, director. Lydia was a good friend of rosemary. One day they went to restaurant.

Next morning, Lydia give her review about her last visit to restaurant with rosemary., She saw a pickup truck went to way of rosemary house. She thought that man was come from church that’s why she also went downstairs to meet him and help him if he need any. But next day a news was aired on tv that Lydia was find dead in rosemary’s house backyard. Laurie now realised that Lydia murder was connected to Susan’s murder. She tried to get a video recording of that street. But It was hard to get video recording because the use of cameras on that days was very less. “RICHARD HATHAWAY” is a science professor and owner of REACH company, Susan helped him to stand REACH by giving him innovative ideas, but he always gave credit to himself for the success of his company. Laurie investigate many things about Hathaway and she found that he had a love feeling for Susan, but she was very serious with her boyfriend “Keith”. Laurie do talks with Dwight cook and asked him that how it is possible to make a REACH and million dollars after two months of Susan death. So that’s why they decide to interview Hathaway to get their answers and invite him in their office. But they didn’t find any clew. Laurie go to rosemary house and she reviled KEITH was a cheater and a liar. It was very difficult for Laurie because she was very confused that who is a murderer Hathaway or Keith. So, she decides to do interview with Keith, but he refused to meet her first but after her requests he decide to talk with her. He said that I agree that I am a bad boyfriend, but it doesn’t mean I killed her, rosemary made a wrong thought about me. On next morning Laurie met with Madison, Susan’s friend, she reveals that Susan’s car had a problem, I think she take a ride from someone to avoid problems of her own car, she also said that Susan never takes a ride from stranger, she sure that someone would be her known.

After her interview Laurie thought that her all interviews was seemed to be same as it was given to police twenty years ago. In evening when Laurie went to home they saw a break at home “jerry” her employee was serious in this breakdown. All computers were stolen, rest of one computer with Laurie, she realised that some one doesn’t want her to investigate this case. Jerry was sent to hospital. Doctors reveal that he had a severe injury in his head, so he was unable to be part of this show anymore. Laurie was very sad as she already had many confusions related to Susan’s murderer. The investigator of Lydia death gave Laurie the picture of man who killed Lydia. ‘Timmy’ Laurie’s son was very interested in this case. Timmy say that I saw this man at restaurant in san Francisco at ‘mama Torino’s’.

Any how they find the name of man “Steve” roman. And now police going to arrest Steve. Laurie decide to meet ‘Nicole’ Susan friend, to know about this man, but Nicole was shocked when she saw roman pictures because she known about him. Initially she refused to talk about that man, but after the requests of her husband, Gavin She agreed to give some information personally not for cameras. Nicole said that Susan and she did a fight for advocates of god. She just goes to Keith, to told him about their fight, but when she went to his house she saw Keith was with ten years old girl on bed, she was shocked to see this. That’s why she left her hometown as she had a fear of Keith. Laurie thanks Nicole to provide her a vey useful information. In next morning, Hathaway called Laurie as he wants to meet her. She sat in his car and starts to talk, but Hathaway was in anger, she was shocked with his behaviour. He takes the car far from her house. Laurie asked, “where are you taking me”, are we going to your house, why are we heading into the Hollywood hills.

Somehow Laurie called her play partner Alex, she said why you are taking me to Hollywood hills where Susan dead body is found. Alex realised that Laurie was in problem. If something is happened to Laurie, he would never forgive him. Laurie didn’t dare steal another glance at her phone. She just hopes that the call had connected, and that Alex was able to hear her. Now Laurie was sure that Hathaway killed Susan. She said you’re taking me to Hollywood park where you killed Susan, he replied that yes, I killed her, but you have no proof of this. Laurie thought about the terror the Susan must have realised when Hathaway was tried to kill her. She had to find a way to save herself. Alex was feel helpless as he continued to listen to the open line. Some how Laurie manage to get out from car and run towards the hills. As Laurie ran, she looked back over her shoulder. The hulking picture of Hathaway grew larger every time she turned. There was a glint of moonlight off the gun in his hand. Before, Laurie could respond, she could hear a voice echoing across the hills ordering him to put his gun off, Alex called police to inform that Laurie was in problem.

Laurie saved her life with her sharp mind. Hathaway revealed that on that night at 7.30 pm when Susan was going to meet frank parker, he saw Susan at the side of road for lift, Hathaway gave him ride but in way Susan decide to reveal that the reach company get success because of her challenging work, but Hathaway was not happy with Susan. That’s why he killed Susan It was difficult for Laurie to solve mystery murder, but with the help of Susan’s friends and her own work, she was successfully solving this case. Rosemary said thanks to Laurie because she helped her to find her 19 years old daughter murderer. Hathaway was sent to prison for killed Susan, Lydia, and tried to kidnap Laurie also …….

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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