Summary of “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” Essay

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Summary of “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

It was confirmed by the doctors that a couple, namely Jim and Cindy Green, couldn’t have any children. One night, they were losing their hope and Jim came up with the idea that they would make notes of what kind of child they wanted to cheer Cindy up. They buried those notes in their garden. Then a storm went by. Later on, a child named Timothy sneaked in their house, claiming that he came from the garden. They saw that Timothy had leaves on his legs, and they discovered that Timothy grew from the notes that they buried. They adopted him and hid his leaves by making him wear socks. Throughout Timothy’s life, he made a lot of people happy, Jim’s father, Cindy’s sister, his football coach, a girl from their neighborhood and many others.

Then fall came along. All the leaves of the trees were changing color, and came falling to the ground, and so did the leaves on Timothy’s legs. One by one they fell off, until he only had one. He explained to Jim and Cindy that when his last leaf falls off, he will be gone. Then there was a crackling of thunder, the power went off for a second, and when it came back on, Timothy was gone. Later on they found a note from Timothy saying “Never give up”. In the following days, all the people that Timothy made happy had discovered a leaf or two in random places, which were supposedly the ones that had fallen off of Timothy’s legs, and Jim and Cindy adopted another child like Timothy had told them to, to never give up.

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