Summary of Short Story About Ethiopian Woman

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Once there was a woman who was greatly troubled by her husband. He no longer loved her, neglected her and didn’t seem to mind whether she was happy or sad. So the woman took her troubles to the local herbalist. She told him her story, full of pity for herself and her plight. Can you give me a charm to make love me again?’ she asked anxiously. The herbalist thought for a moment and replied, I will help you, but first you must bring me three hairs from the mane of a living lion.

These I must have before I can make a charm for you. The woman thanked the herbalist and went away. When she come near her home she sat down on a rock and began to think, how shall I do this thing ?’ there is a lion who often comes nearby village, it is true. But he is fierce and roars fearfully’ merry afraid. Then she thought again and at last she knew what she would do.

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And so, early next morning she took a young lamb and went to the place where the lion was accustomed to stroll about. She waited anxiously. At last she saw the lion approaching. Now was the time. Quickly she arose and leaving the lamb in the path of the lion, she went home. And so it was that every day in the morning the woman would rise and take a young lamb to the ion. Soon the lion came to know the woman, for she was always in the same palace at the same time every day with a young and tender lamb.

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She was indeed a kind and attentive woman.

It was not long before the lion began to her and he would let her stroke his head. Each day woman would stay quietly stroking the lion gently and lovingly. Then one day when she knew that the lion trusted her, carefully pulled three hairs from his mane, and happily set out for the herbalist’s dwelling. See. She said triumphantly as she entered, here they are ! and she gave him the three hairs from the lion’s mane. How is it that you have been so clever?’ asked the herbalist in amazement. So the woman told him she story of how she had patiently succeded in winning the hairs from the lion. A semi spread over the face of the herbalist, and learning forward, he said you have tamed the lion, now tame your husband in the same way.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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