Summary And Analysis Of “The Company Of Wolves” By Angela Carter

“The Company of Wolves” is depicted at a region of profound rocky forests in the dead winter. The wolf-infested forests is a dangerous area for any traveller, the reason being that wolves are smart and take advantage of the environment so that the thoughtless get lured out of path and lost. The cold-blooded villagers taught their kids to carry machetes for their own safety. In a nearby town, there was a wolf that killed many people up until he was traped by a hunter.

The hunter killed the wolf instantly and the corpse of the wolf turned into a man’s carcass. Witches were notorious for turning people into wolves when people did something to annoy them.

One principal story Carter described was about a young bride who’s groom disappeared on their wedding night and soon after his vanishing, howlings were heard coming from the forest. The bride found a new husband to love her and together they built a family.

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On the winter solstice, the lost groom returned home looking unkempt like a wolf just to discover that his bride had married another man. Out of anger, he transformed into a wolf and bit of the leg of the oldest child before he was slain by the new husband. The cadaver of the wolf transformed as the man that he was before he disappeared on that night. Another case incorporated into the "Company of Wolves" is about young lady that chooses to movement through the woods with the goal that she can get to her sick grandmother for Christmas.

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The young lady is very much aware of the peril that there is out there, yet the adoration she has gotten from her family makes her more grounded. She grabbed her machete, wore her red shawl, and took the path to her grandmother. Carter depicts expressly that the young lady is entering her adolescence stage and her purity made her frighten of nothing. A howl in the backwoods made her grab the machete and prepared to battle, just to see a benevolent seeker originating from the forested areas. She befriended him so quick that he even offered to carry her container for her. The explorers wager that if the hunter was to go off the path and get to the house quicker, the young lady would have to give him a kiss. The seeker figured out how to go first in the house however, on his way the author mentions that he did something not-human; he ate his pray raw. He imitated the young lady's voice and the grandma let him in. In the house, he turned into a werewolf, ate the grandma, shroud her cadaver under the bed and dressed like her to waited for the young lady to arrive. At the point when the young lady arrived, she saw the eyes of the monster and inquired as to for what reason are his eyes that way. At that point, a pack of wolves came outside the house and began howling; "Those are my siblings dear" said the wolf. The young lady was advised to toss her clothings on the fire and lay in the bed by the wolf. The end of the story is left hazy and the author closes with this quote "See! Sweet and sound she sleeps in granny's bed, between the paws of the tender wolf". “The wolf is carnovore incarnate and he’s cunning as he is ferocious; once he’s had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do”. Those fierceful hunters will devour anything that goes their way, and especially the winter because there is infinitesimal food.

The first point Carter makes in her story is that wolves are dreadful creatures that spread death and fear wherever they go. Wolves are compared to other fairytale-like creatures but “the wolf is worst for he cannot listen to reason”, “Fear and flee the wolf; for, worst of all, the wolf may be more than he seems”. At this point, Carter brings up the idea that wolves could not be just animals, but something even more terrifying. The story of the hunter who trapped the wolf revealed that some wolves were actually humans, but they were struck by witch's spell that made them animals. In the story of the lost groom, we can see a bit more the structure of the society. The man is the leader of the house, while the woman is responsible for taking care of the kids.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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