Suggestions for Improving the Business Strategy of Uber

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Opportunities for growth of uber

  • Disappointment with disorderly market:
  • Expanding web entrance:
  • Innovative in transport:
  • Association with hospitality brands
  • Use of Advance technology:

Disappointment with disorderly market:

Customers are unsatisfied with the traditional taxi advertise which displays an open door for Uber to exploit. This is one of the fundamental purposes behind the achievement of Uber. Neighborhood taxi drivers are known to be impolite and don't agree.

Expanding web entrance: With The advancements of technology, Number of cell phones are expanding and innovation based applications like Uber can grow their administrations to different urban communities and broaden its impression over the nation.

To be specific in county like India which is developing country where smartphones are now coming in handy uber can make market easily.

Innovative in transport: To increase the profit the key that uber can you is that they can bye Less expensive electric automatic cars. It will decrease the expense of the driver from oils and other repair chargers and uplift the driver's overall revenue.

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Association with hospitality brands: Uber can band together with accommodation and inn brands to serve a large number of sightseers who frequently require taxi administrations while remaining at an hotels.

This will profit both Uber and the joining forces marks and additionally the sightseers who require transport administrations.

Use of advance technology: A big organization like uber can use updated technologies to improve its quality and work. Uber can use AI based cars or we can say driverless car which can assist uber to reduce drivers costs.

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  • Law and political impacts:
  • Increasing competition:
  • Less margins:
  • Image impact

Law and political impacts: There are numerous nations where Uber exist yet the working conditions are not comparable to different nations. The political weight is inspiring step by step. It confronted issues identified with permitting in South Africa where government began seizing Uber autos for the drivers did not hold taxi licenses.

Increasing competition: As rivalry rises, Any money related preferred standpoint can influence the clients and drivers from Uber. Like Uber, other focused brand currently receiving innovation in their working procedures. It turns into simply more hard to hold clients and workers.

Less profit margins: Uber encourages the drivers to get a high number of day by day rides however it doesn't have a high-overall revenue for the drivers. Number of different organizations exploiting this thing, they set a fix every day lease which a driver need to pay. They don't take any edge from drivers rides. This point is becoming a threat to uber.

Image impact: Uber mark picture has been harmed impressively amid the previous couple of years because of a progression of outrages and administration inadequacy. The ride-hailing monster workers were in charge of inappropriate behavior and mobbing. Uber administration is employing quantities of drivers at the same time, they are not pondering the character of driver that was the reason uber mark esteem is going down.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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