Success and Failures of Intercultural Marriage

Intercultural marriages increases the effort needed to be able to maintain a lasting relationship due to factors such as differences in traditions, norms and even language. This can be viewed on the basis of the elements affecting the success and failures of marriages. It is a known fact that committing to a relationship and marrying entails adjustments in every of the individual, physically, socially and emotionally. This is due to the reality that two people that have different personalities and outlooks are bound to make unified decisions.

Comparatively, being born from different culture and traditions increases the effort that is needed to be exerted to be able to establish a stable relationship and attain a successful married life. The dedication that is required from the individuals is higher because of the accepted facts that there are added factors that are in need of consideration (Romano, 1997). Scenario of an Intercultural Marriage In the determination of the factors that can affect the process referred to as intercultural marriage, there are two contributing element that are considered.

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First consideration is the issues that are related to the differences in the traditions and norms of the two individual and second is the factors that lead to and affect marriage. In this view the first area that is needed to be studied are the factors that affect the relationship of two individuals. Primarily, the factors that can affect are the means of communicating. In viewing the onset of intercultural marriages, the couple can meet and communicate through chance whose probability is heightened mainly from intercultural phenomenon such as immigration and relocation that serves as the primary causes of interaction.

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This can be attributed to the development that is presently occurring in the society. The advancement of the communication technology is also another contributing factor (Bacas, 2003; Constable, 2003). The second important consideration in this type of marriage is the factors that can affect the relationship established between the two individuals of the same culture. The issues that can be considered that has the most influential effects on the union of two persons from different backgrounds are the norms, tradition and the language that is mainly used for communication.

It is an accepted notion that people from different culture, may it be geographically-related such of different nation, related to religion and spiritual belief and ethnic backgrounds, has different visions in life (Romano, 1997). The outlook and points of view of every person work on the basis of their background. Thus, every aspect of one’s personality is deeply rooted on their origins which can affect the decisions that will be made in the bounds of the married life.

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