Store and retrieve information Essay

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Store and retrieve information

1.1 Describe systems and procedures for storing and retrieving information (Planned: 0, Completed:0)

A system and procedure that is used in Dass solicitors is called quilllenium, which is a database that is used to store clientele information. Another system would be Archive 2000 which is used to store client file and documents, from addresses to case information.

1.2 Outline legal and organisational requirements for information security and retention. The organisational requirements are as follows; Consider the purpose or purposes you hold the information for in deciding whether (and for how long) to retain it, securely delete information that is no longer needed for this purpose or these purposes, update, archive or securely delete information if it goes out of date, review the length of time you keep personal data. 1.3 Explain how to create filing systems to facilitate information identification and retrieval. Creating file systems for filling client information is done by using an archive system called quillenium, addresses are recorded, fees are recorded and case data and other important client information is recorded using quill.

1.4 Explain how to use different search techniques to locate and retrieve information.

While using quill you can search for different files by searching for the file number, the client’s name and the fee earners name. If a document was missing and it needed retrieving then I would search the hub list spreadsheet, and then look in the hub (basement) to retrieve it.

1.5 Describe what to do when problems arise when storing or retrieving information.

When a problem arises I either try to fix the problem myself if I can or contact my floor supervisor for his or her help as they would know exactly what to do.

2.1 Gather the information required within the agreed timescale.

When gathering information I look on the company’s database to find clientele information.

2.2 Store files and folders in accordance with organisational procedures. The only procedures for storing folders and files are either in order of date and scale or alphabetical order.

2.3 Store information in approved locations.
There are three location where files and documents are stored these are the hub, post room.

2.4 Adhere to organisational policies and procedures, legal and ethical requirements.

Organisational policies and procedures consist of recognise changes in circumstances promptly and adjust plans and activities accordingly, present information clearly, concisely, accurately and in ways that promote understanding, make time available to support others give feedback to others to help them maintain and improve their performance comply with, and ensure others comply with, legal requirements, industry regulations, organisational policies and professional codes watch out for potential risks and hazards say no to unreasonable requests identify and raise ethical concerns, make appropriate information and knowledge available promptly to those who need it and have a right to it, encourage others to share information and knowledge within the constraints of confidentiality, recognise stakeholders’ needs and interests and manage these effectively, take and implement difficult and/or unpopular decisions, if necessary

3.1 Confirm information to be retrieved and its intended use. To confirm that I am allowed to retrieve information I have to notify the fee earner in question, then notify the floor supervisor.

3.2 Retrieve the required information within the agreed timescale. To retrieve a file all i would need to do would access the accountants store room.

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