Storing and Retrieving Information in Information Systems

Purpose of storing and retrieving required information

The purpose of storing and retrieving information is that if you needed to contact them again or ring them back - you would have their information there for you to retrieve. Therefore if any progress is made, you can update this or make notes on what is relevant if another colleague needs to access this information. It is also important because if a customer rings you, and the person who they have been dealing with is not in, you can look at the data already stored for this person and be able to help them with what is needed, so you are up to date too.

1.2 Describe different information systems and their main features.


Different ways to store information are databases, which include any information you find relevant to the business and different types of databases, such as; * A Trades database for if you need any plumbers, decorators, carpenters which includes name of the company, contact number and names.

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* A Tenant’s databases which include telephone numbers, email addresses price requirements. * A landlord’s database including where they live, a list of the property’s with us and their names. C.A.R.L

This is a programme in which you store all information on regarding the properties. This includes let properties, un-let properties, landlords and their details, tenants and ex tenants.


Filing information is useful in an office because enables you to go straight to the file you want and the information should be in order ready for you to get out.

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Also files are an easy way to update information as you just edit the information which needs updating or changing for the next time the file is needed and everything is up to date. 1.3 Explain the purpose of legal and organisational requirements for the security and confidentiality of information The legal requirements for the security and confidentiality are the data protection act 1998.

The company should have access to the information, however, regardless of the type of information e.g. written, typed or on a database it should be stored safely. Information should not be given to any 3rd parties unless the courts demand it or unless the person of who it is about, has authorised it. 1.4 Explain the purpose of confirming information to be stored and retrieved Big companies will have to store a lot of information and data, therefore any “unwanted” or irrelevant information would be an unproductive use of time and space on their database or programmes, which is why confirming data is important. When you retrieve data, you do it for a reason; therefore if you are to retrieve data that is out of data or incorrect there would be no benefit for you and could possibly create more problems. 1.5 Describe ways of checking information of accuracy.

Ways of checking information for accuracy can be a trustworthy database, or an information software programme such as C.A.R.L. The information being held can range from the employee’s salary to the names and addresses of customers. 1.6 Explain the purpose of checking information for accuracy The purpose of checking information for accuracy is if the company were to pay a landlord but accidently paid them the wrong amount and this had not been checked, then this could cause some problems. Another example is that if someone was applying or enquiring about the tenancy of a property and you had taken down their wrong details or contact number this would be a problem as the information would be incorrect.

Information accuracy can affect a business’s financial goals and targets and if the information is not corrected or accurate, this could create some very serious problems in the business. 1.7 Explain the purpose of providing information to agreed format and timescales In a company there are agreed formats to produce documents with agreements, on which information will be used on these formats. If these are not done correctly or in the correct format they will need to be re-formatted, which will not be good for the business and also will take up time and may not meet the timescale. If the information needed does not meet the timescale it could be considered useless as the time in which it was needed has passed.

1.8 Describe the types of information that may be deleted Companies will always be collecting new data and renewing existing data. Types of information that a company may delete is old data, out of data information, or information which has never been used as this will take up storing space. Every company has a policy where it informs you of how long data must be kept for before you can destroy it, therefore these policy’s must be met before destroying the data following confidentiality procedures. These include the deletion of electronic information and shredding the paper information, or any information suitable for shredding. 1.9 Describe problems that may occur with information systems and how to deal with them when necessary Information systems are the most important things to a business as they include all the information of everyone in the company, customers, clients, tenants and landlords will be on these programmes along with employees’ salaries and personal information.

Some problems that may occur with technological information systems are viruses on the systems or any hackers who are able to access the information. Physical/paper information could get harmed with any fires or by water damage. Any type of information left lying about or accessible to the public or in view of anyone outside the company could be dangerous too. Ways to deal with these problems are to install anti-virus programme on your computer or the technology you are working on to prevent viruses and not to open ay suspicious emails or ones which come with a warning. You should store all the information in a safe place such as a safe or something with a password that will be kept safe. You should back up all information in case of loss or any damage. Paper information/physical information could be laminated to help in case of any water damaged and be stored in a fire proof cabinet or safe.

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