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1. Age, income, length of labor, return to work and number of hours working per week 2. Mean and standard deviation were used to describe the length of labor. These were appropriate since mean and standard deviation can be calculated on an interval level of measurement. 3. Range could also be used to describe the length of labor since this statistic can be used on interval data with no natural zero point.

4. The distribution of scores was similar for the experimental and control groups for length of labor. The experimental group had a mean of 14.63 hours and the control group had a mean of 12.79 hours which is a difference of less than 2 hours with a SD of 7.78 for experimental and 7.2 for control. 5. The experimental and control groups were similar in the type of feeding. More people fed with a bottle than breast or breast and bottle in the experimental and control group. The percentages in both were lowest for breast and bottle with 6.3% for experimental and 5.6% for control.

6. Married was the marital status mode for the experimental group and control group since it was the largest group. The frequency and percentage are 25 and 78.1% for the experimental group and 31 and 86.1% for the control group who are married. 7. Yes a median can be determined for the educational data. The median for the experimental and the control group are the people in the some college group. The median is the “middle” category and can be determined for ordinal data like education.

8. The findings from this study cannot be generalized to Black women since the sample size is so low in the experimental group and there are no Black women in the control group. Black women might have different self- care interventions to manage post- partum fatigue than white women. 9. There is a note at the bottom of the table that mentions that there is missing data. Perhaps some mothers did not reveal that data. 10. The sample was adequately described. However, adding information about any complications before or during birth, the type of delivery for example C-section vs. natural, or if the women had any help such as a nanny would add to the description.

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