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““George Zimmerman acted in self-defense; there is nothing wrong with the stand your ground law.” George Zimmerman acted without a conscious nothing that he did had to do with him try to protect himself in any way especially from someone who was unarmed at the time of the incident. There is something wrong with the stand your ground law because it makes it difficult in today’s cases dealing with self-defense in those states that have this statute. “Stand your ground laws allow people to respond to threats or force without fear of criminal prosecution.

” Depending on the states that stand with this statute the wording under the law might differ.

However, Florida is always sparked in the news when it comes to self-defense cases because they changed their law wording around. When Florida first agreed on the law, it stated that you might stand your ground basically on your property. Then they turned it so you can stand your ground in whatever space you’re in if you reasonably believe it is necessary to do so to prevent your death.

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Which in most of their cases everyone says the same thing, ”I fear for my life” “I felt that he was going to kill me.” Without the other person there to speak on their behalf of the story, they have to try and put things together even if the story doesn’t add up or make sense they have to make it into something.

The state of Florida v. George Zimmerman charged with the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012 nothing leads to him showing that he was defending himself.

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In a CNN article, it states that when he made the 911 call on February 26, 2012 and reported seeing someone suspicious in the neighborhood; the responding dispatcher told him not to approach the person or get out of his car. Moments later dispatchers get calls from the same area about gunshots. Arriving officers find Trayvon dead, and George with minor injuries on his head and a nose bleed. February 27, 2012, Tracy Martin Trayvon father files a missing person report, and officers come and have identified a photo of Trayvon body. March 12, 2012, Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee says to the media that they have no substantial evidence to hold Zimmerman against his story that’s why they can’t arrest him.

In following days many things transpire from Zimmerman’s father and brother talking to the news saying he was attacked and did not have a choice but to shoot Trayvon when the evidence of the calls says otherwise. During the day of incident George failed to identify himself not once but twice that night says SPD Christopher Serino who was the homicide detective on the case trying to get Zimmerman charged with manslaughter. There was a lot of evidence that could have stuck against him, but they did not use it because he used racial slurs towards Trayvon while on the phone and then tried to say he wasn’t racist along with his family. Meanwhile, the only reason you made the call because of black person in a white neighborhood with a hoodie and I wonder if it was a white person walking around like that would he have been alarmed then.

Most shooting cases in Florida are ending with black teens being shot dead by a white male and not being able to tell their story. Then sadly after their deaths the attorney of the defender tries to change their character to something that isn’t even what it seems to be. In the example, they decided to portray Trayvon as this huge thug because he listened to rap music and hand weed on him. Which did not have anything to do with the night of questioning he didn’t have any weapon, or anything used weapon against Zimmerman besides his ice tea and skittles.

In conclusion, if I was Trayvon and someone is following me, I’m going to feel the need to protect myself when they approach me which could explain why George had bruises and things wrong with him. With that said, no one will never know the truth precisely what made Zimmerman pull the trigger and why because the only other person that was present during the process of action is dead and cannot speak for himself. Zimmerman should be held accountable for his actions because there is no reason you should feel threatened by someone who is minding their business walking through a complex just because they are African American in an urban Caucasian neighborhood.

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