Split Second Decision

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I have very strong memory of the summer holidays in India at the age of 16. We were staying at my grandparents’ house in Bombay. I still remember the whole event in the back of my head

It was very humid day probably the hottest day I have experienced, I remember it was around 35*c. Every one was frustrated because of the heat so my Dad decided to go out and do some shopping so every one agreed to go out apart from me as I was invited to play cricket with the other boys.

I was very keen to go and play cricket because I have never played such game before in my life.

So everyone left the house including me. I was playing cricket outside with other boy just a few yards form my grandparents house it was very difficult to understand the rules but as I played along with others I was getting to know the game and it was a very interesting game.

Then the batsman (boy) gave a very hard strike to ball and it ended up near to my grandparents’ house so I went to pick up the ball as I was approaching the house I heard the noise coming out the house next to my grandparents’.

The next thing I knew the noise was increasing and someone was calling

“Help help! Somebody please help us! Help”

I was very anxious and didn’t know what was going on inside the house, and then suddenly smoke was coming out the window.

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So I decided to go and find out I asked the other boys as well to help me out so they all agreed to help me. I ran straight to the house door and rang the door bell so that some one could open but no one answered so I decided to break the door. I used a cricket bat to break the door lock I was hitting as hard as possible to break and I guess the luck was on my side so brake open the door.

As I moved the door a huge amount of smoke came out. All the other boys told me not to go in. I was nervous for a second but as a split second decision I told the other boys to help me to go inside to find out what is going on.

As I went inside the house I found a women lying unconscious and a little girl crying next to her. I dragged the women out of the house then the little girl. I checked the whole house to see if there was any one left.I got out of the house as quickly as possible then the fire brigade arrived they moved all of us on one side and they got on with their work.

I was so frightened that the women was dead all because of me that I took long time to go inside the house. Then one of the fire men approached me before he says anything I asked him what happened to that woman is she all right?

The fireman replied ‘The lady will be all right, she had inhaled too much smoked. That is why she was unconscious’

And the fireman also told me that it was very stupid of me to go in side the house because I had risked my life as well as the others, but I wonder, though, what you would have done if you were in my place.

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