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Some Wonders of Modern Science Essay

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The present is an age of science. Now –a-day in all think in terms of science and its gifts to mankind. It has rendered possible a safe flight in the air, safety in finer, transmission of news of various kinds from one corner of the world to another in no time, and so on and so forth. The advantages derived from these and other glorious achievement of science, such as swift locomotion, gramophone, television, telephone, cinema, medicines, X-rays, etc. , are so intimately linked with our modern life that is simply next to impossibility to conceive of modern civilization and cultural progress something apart from science .

The world of the means of communication has been simply revolutionized and cultural by the invention of wireless. It has ensured safety of ship at sea. Radio is a source of great recreation for all. It keeps many people in touch. Now let us move to an other great discovery that is electricity. This great discovery which is has defined time and space and has added greatly to the enjoy and comfort of life is electricity .

Electric machines have largely supplanted hand – labour and are producing better necessaries of life in great abundance at much lower cost of production .

Science has not only added to our physical comforts but is also no less responsible for our mental and intellectual development and dissemination of knowledge is mainly due to the improved ways of printing. There is no doubt to say that all what is happening today is because of science. There is one problem and question, Is science all for human comforts? Aero planes carry passengers and mails, but they also drop bombs and kill men in thousands poisonous gasses, tanks, armoured cars, (Protected by armour (used of persons or things military) Long-range guns and others instruments of war are terribly destructive in character .

So we may also say that science , in spite of all the comforts and relief’s that is brought to humanity, is no less responsible for the misery, restlessness and worries of man . Here again there is no point in fact science is in power of man . Man is not power of science . Man is using science . Science is not using man. So it depends on us how we use it . we can use this science for the constructive as well as destructive purposes but it is up to man how he uses it.

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