Social Media And Negative Effects

Nowadays, social networking websites are popular among teenagers and parents are required to guide them the right way of using it since it can be harmful if used wrongly. The negative impacts of social networks on teenagers are as follow. Whenever you go through someones profile on facebook it is filled with happiness. A quality time with family hanging out with friends travelling blogs several parties and the list go on. What we could see is their happiness on social media and not the offline life behind it.

Those people portray the greatest part of their life on social media. Whenever we look at those profiles we get an impression that they are better than us. Low self-esteem begins after spending an hour on facebook.

We become aggressive for not achieving or possessing a life like them. Some teenagers do not update a post themselves but compare their life with other random strangers they see on social media. The result is that they see a negative about them and become dissatisfied with their current life.

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Cyberbullying is one way of harassing via digital devices. This can be done through chatting sms and even on online networks. Sending inappropriate pictures and videos stalking peoples profiles posting a negative status or comment invasion of a privacy spreading rumors about somebody else are considered as cyberbullying. Teenagers are most likely to be the victims of this persecution.

Their private email or text messages are forwarded and their embarrassing pictures get posted online without their permission.

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Most teenagers cannot differentiate the real email with the correct identity and the phishing emails. Sending blackmails to teenagers is the easiest way of threatening them since they tend to view and respond to almost every messages. There are lots of news and information on social media and we are not supposed to explore every aspect of it. The more time we give on scrolling updates on social media platform the more new things we get introduced to. Adolescents like to discover every new post they see on social media and if it is not controlled on time there may have the sleep deprivation which may affect their health. Since teenagers pass more time on social media they started losing concentration in their study. They may even start failing in exams due to their addiction to social platform. Getting an a in school is not as important as notifications in facebook application. Checking likes and viewers have become more exciting than checking homework and assignment.

Receiving the messages from social media friends become their happiness instead of initiating a conversation in real life. Comparison is about envying others capability that we wish we could be like them. People maybe showing their best life online and hiding the reality behind it. comparison sometimes may bring the motivations to your life but it is just for a few minutes. Indeed the comparison can grow the negativity in our life. We ignore the fact that what other people could do might be against our ability. In comparison we do not appreciate our own qualities and our values instead we disgrace ourselves for not being the person they are. Comparison makes us blind which means we are not seeing our abilities anymore. We lost self- love while comparing ourselves to other people who we think is better. Not achieving things we desire in our life could bring nothing but the dissatisfaction. We have missed other important things while demanding for the things that is not possible to get. Parents with teenagers are likely to receive more demands from their kids.

In this stage of life comparison is too high for them. They want everything they see even if it is useless for them. We compare because we do not appreciate what we have and we are not enough with what we have. a person with the mind of comparison they will never be enough for what they have and instead they will ask for more even if they are rewarded with the most expensive stuffs. teens tend to design their life in social media platform and they invest their life in there. The most active person in social media are the teenagers. They like updating posts on social media and wait for the feedbacks or comments from the viewer.

Editing the caption million times before and after they update a post checking the viewers after every ten minutes and replying to the comments have become their daily habits. They cant even stay for one day without updating a status and if there is no viewers they started earning whatever they can to receive views and likes. Some cut their skin or hurt their body and some even go on live doing harmful activities which can even lead to suicide. These behaviors are for nothing but to become famous. They have wasted their time on checking the viewers likes and comments meanwhile they miss other important things to do in their life.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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